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To be
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There + to be
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  • Задание. Придумать 5 предложений с глаголом to be.

  • Как составить 7 предложений с глаголом to be о себе

  • Примеры с глаголом to be в настоящем, прошедшем и будущем времени.

  • Первая страница

  • Формы и функции глагола "to be". Самая популярная страница

  • Примеры с глаголом "to be" в Present, Past и Future Simple из учебника Голицынского

  • I want an example.Некоторые темы английской грамматики в таблицах с примерами. Простые и лёгкие примеры помогут вам быстро перейти к разговорной речи.
    The examples are easy to follow and designed to get you speaking quickly.

    The 'zero' article

    Indefinite articles

    Definite articles

    Questions with like

    Question tags

    Time prepositions

    Reported Speech

    Simple passive

    Continuous passive

    Because and because of

    To, for, so that

    '-ed' and '-ing' adjectives

    Need + verb-ing

    Have something done


    Have to / don't have to

    Used to

    Wish + Past Perfect

    Уроки английского языка онлайн бесплатно. Изучение английской грамматики и языка для детей и взрослых. Здесь вы найдете примеры для усвоения грамматики, новые слова и выражения, а также дополнительные упражнения и ответы к ним.

    респираторы трехпанельные от производителя СИЗ

    Изучение английского языка на примерах из деловой лексики. Основные грамматические конструкции.
    • The Present Simple
    • The Past Simple
    • The Future Simple Tense
    • The Present Continuous Tense
    • The Past Continuous Tense
    • The Future Continuous Tense
    • The Present Perfect Tense
    • The Past Perfect Tense
    • The Future Perfect Tense
    • The Present Perfect Continuous Tense
    • The Past Perfect Continuous Tense
    • The Future Perfect Continuous Tense
    • The Passive Voice
    • The Participle 1
    • The Participle 2
    • The Absolute Participle Construction
    • The Gerund
    • The Infinitive
    • The Objective Infinitive Construction
    • The Subjective Infinitive Construction
    • The Conditionals
    • The Reported Speech
    • Can, Could
    • May, Might
    • Must, Mustn 't, Needn 't
    • Shall, Should
    • Will, Would
    • It is (was) ... that (which)
    • The... the...
    • One
    • That/ Those
    • As
    • Like, as
    • As well as
    • For
    • Since
    • But
    • Too
    • The only, the very
    • Because of
    • Both, either, neither
    • Both... and

    Как правильно отвечать на разделительные вопросы

    1) You didn't go anywhere, did you? - Вы никуда не ездили (летом), не так ли?

    (согласие c говорящим) No, I didn't. I went nowhere. - Да, я никуда не ездил.

    (несогласие c говорящим) Yes, I did. I was at the sea this summer. - Нет, ездил. Я был на море этим летом.

    Обратите внимание на несовпадение кратких ответов "Да" и "Нет" в английском и русском языках.

    2) You stayed in your home town, didn't you?
    (согласие) Yes, I did.
    (несогласие) No, I didn't stay in my home town, I stayed in the country.

    Способы выражения согласия, несогласия, удивления в английском языке.

    Примеры Past Simple и чтение дат

    to build (Infinitive) - built (Past Simple) - built (3-я форма) строить

    They built a school in the city of Norton in nineteen ninety-five(1995).
    They built a post-office in the city of Norton in nineteen sixty-eight (1968).
    They built a restaurant in the city of Norton in nineteen eighty-one(1981).
    They built a bus-stop in the city of Norton in nineteen fifty-four (1954).

    Примеры Present Perfect and "going to"

    3) John has been to California. He is going to visit Washington. Джон побывал в Калифорнии. Он собирается посетить Вашингтон.
    4) Billy and Beth have been to Canada. They are going to visit Mexico.
    5) Harry has been to the Appalachians. He is going to visit the Rocky Mountains.
    6) The Moles have been to the Mississippi. They are going to visit the Colorado.
    7) Miss Robertson has been to Alaska. She is going to visit Hawaii.

    Примеры отрицательных и вопросительных предложений в Present Perfect

    1) Mr. Porter hasn't finished the work.
    2) Julia hasn't been to New York.
    3) Mrs. Johnson hasn't watered her plants.
    4) I haven't seen Peter at school.
    5) Paul hasn't painted the walls in the kitchen.

    1) Have you rung up granny in the morning?
    2) Has he come home?
    3) Have the children done their homework?
    4) Have you swum in the lake?
    5) Has she begun to learn English?

    Примеры употребления суффикса "less" и префикса "un"

    1) The sky is cloudless.
    2) Jack is hairless.
    3) The job is useless.
    4) The valley was endless.
    5) Mrs Loveday was hopeless.
    6) The tree was leafless.
    7) The sky was starless.

    1) The boy's manners are unpleasant.
    2) Jack is unable to do it.
    3) That job was unusual.
    4) Mr. Flint is an unsuccessful businessman.
    5) Jane clothes are unstylish.
    6) Helen is an unselfish girl.
    7) Rob is unsure of our success.
    8) It was an unofficial visit.