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The Reported Speech

1. He says that next year will be a difficult year.
2. He promised that the machine would be installed the following Wednesday.
3. He said that they had reached the agreement.
4. He told them to be prepared for redundancies.
5. He said that our prices were too high.
6. He said that he had signed the contract.
7. He said that business would improve.

8. He said he would read the report before the next meeting.
9. She told them that she would read the report before Tuesday.
10. He demanded that the threat of legal action be removed.
11. She asked when the new programme would start.
12. He asked if anyone wanted to take early retirement.
Сдвиг времен в придаточном дополнительном при главном предложении в прошедшем времени
Present Simple → Past Simple
Present Continuous → Past Continuous
Действие придаточного предложения происходит одновременно с действием главного.
Present Perfect →  Past Perfect
Past Simple →  Past Perfect
Действие придаточного предложения предшествует действию главного.
Future → Future-in-the-Past Действие придаточного предложения совершается позже действия главного.

Упражнение 309. Перепишите следующие предложения в прошедшем времени. Обратите внимание на зависимость времени придаточного дополнительного предложения от времени главного.

1. Mike says he is sure Ann and Kate will be excellent guides.
2. He says they have made good progress in English.
3. Oleg says that in a day or two several English students will come to pay a visit to their school and he will probably have to act as an interpreter.
4. Ann says she has just met Boris in the street.
5. She says Boris told her a lot of interesting things about his travels in the south.
6. Nick says he is going to the hotel to see his friends, who have just arrived in St. Petersburg from the United States of America.
7. He says they have not been here for a long time.
8. He says they were friends at school.
9. He says he will take them to the theatre on Sunday.
10. They say they will write me a letter when they return home.