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The... the...

1. The bigger the firm, the greater the opportunity for each worker to specialize in those tasks for which he is best fitted.
2. The greater the degree of complementary, the higher the (negative) value of the cross-elasticity of demand.
3. The greater the output in previous periods, the greater the firm's experience, and hence the greater the fall in cost.
4. In principle the smaller the number of suppliers, the more control they can exercise over prices.

5. The larger the share of output bought by a few firms, the less control will suppliers have over prices.
6. The lower the price, the less likely it is that new firms will attempt to enter the market.
7. The larger the establishment, the greater the opportunities for the specialisation of men and machines.
8. The more independent firms there are in an industry, the greater the competition.
9. The greater the risk associated with any financial decision, the greater the return expected from it.
10. The longer the period for which the money is borrowed, the greater the risk of default by the borrower.
11. The higher the bid price, the lower the rate of interest which the government has to pay for its borrowed funds.
The… the… используется при сравнении и переводится как чем… тем….
The sooner the better — чем быстрее, тем лучше.
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• The... the...
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