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шкаф телеметрии аксон подробнее


Both, Either, Neither

1.Both of these managers are good.
2. Neither of the restaurants we went to was expensive.
3. Both my parents are from Glasgow.
4. I haven't been to either of those shops.
5. Neither Tom nor Ann came to the party.
6. I'm not sure where he's from. He's either Italian or Spanish.
7. Can either of you speak French?
8. Both of us were very tired.
9. Either he goes or I go.
10. Neither of these possibilities is very realistic.
11. Both of the candidates certainly have impressive track records.
12. We'll have either to withdraw from the market totally or to concentrate our efforts on a small sector.
13. Neither of your proposals is of interest to us.
14. We have implemented both your suggestions.
15. We interviewed both of the candidates on Monday.
16. Thanks for the call. Either time suits me fine.
17. I'm afraid that neither of the times suits me.
18. We can accept either alternative.
19. We haven't sold a single product in the Far East. — No, we haven't either.
20. Neither of the candidates is really acceptable.
21. Unfortunately, neither the sales forecast nor last year's sales figures are ready yet.
22. Neither have I received any information, nor have I revealed any.
23. You should be either at your desk or on the shopfloor.
24. Both firms have the same scale of organization.
25. The numerical predominance of small plants might, at first sight, indicate that economies of scale are either not important or are not being exploited.
26. Changes in price are due to either changes in demand or changes in supply.