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Формы причастия 1

Indefiniteaskingbeing asked
Perfecthaving askedhaving been asked

The Participle 1

A. 1. A country wishing to limit its population may discourage immigration and encourage emigration.
2. Increasing concern has been expressed about the continued growth in world population.
3. If land is defined as the total surface area of the planet, including oceans, lakes and rivers, than its total quantity is fixed.
4. The persons forming a company are required to submit several documents to the Registrar of Companies.
5. Loan capital is more appropriate to firms operating in stable markets.
6. In addition, the University will continue to have graduate students working with them on research projects.
7. Industries producing steel, paper and chemicals require very large quantities of water and tend to be found near rivers.
8. With increasing numbers entering the working population, expanding industries will have little trouble in recruiting labour.
9. In advanced capitalist societies, advertising is a powerful instrument affecting demand in many markets.
10. Our organization, including our affiliates, deliver services in four professional areas: audit, tax, consulting, and financial advisory services.

B. 1. Having explored the possible relationship between capacity and expected output, we now examine the behaviour of costs as actual output changes.
2. Having examined the relationships between outputs and costs, we now show how the behaviour of cost may be reflected in the supply curve.
3. Having learnt the first law of supply and demand (i.d. more is demanded at lower prices), many students then automatically associate an increase in price with a fall in the quantity demanded and vice versa.
4. Having obtained the necessary results, we stopped our experimental work.
5. Having calculated the programme, he paid attention to possible changes.
6. Having been repaired, the device began working much better.

Упражнение 382 Переведите на русский язык, обращая внимание на причастия.

1. Being very ill, she could not go to school. 2. The first rays of the rising sun lit up the top of the hill. 3. The tree struck by lightning was all black and leafless. 4. Being busy, he postponed his trip. 5. The door bolted on the inside could not be opened. 6. Having been shown the wrong direction, the travellers soon lost their way. 7. The room facing the garden is much more comfortable than this one. 8. Having descended the mountain, they heard a man calling for help. 9. Flushed and excited, the boy came running to his mother. 10. He stood watching the people who were coming down the street shouting and waving their hands. 11. The boy lay sleeping when the doctor came. 12. The broken arm was examined by the doctor. 13. While being examined, the boy could not help crying. 14. Having prescribed the medicine, the doctor went away. 15. The medicine prescribed by the doctor was bitter. 16. The dress bought at the department store was very beautiful. 17. While using a needle, you should be careful not to prick your finger. 18. While crossing the street, one should first look to the left and then to the right. 19. People watching a performance are called an audience.