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The Past Simple

1. The classical economists regarded money as no more than a medium of exchange.
2. Banknotes first came into use in Britain during the seventeenth century.
3. The Bank Charter Act of 1844 followed a long dispute about the control of money supply.
4. When did you reach the break-even point?
5. Last year the results were not very pleasing.
6. I attended a meeting of that committee last week.
  • Таблица спряжения глагола to work в Past Simple Tense.
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  • Past Simple. Questions and Negatives

    Сравните употребление Present Simple и Past Simple

    Упражнение 196. Раскройте скобки, употребляя глаголы в Present или Past Simple.

    1. His sister (to study) English every day. 2. She (to study) English two hours ago. 3. You (to come) home at six o'clock yesterday? — No, I ... . Yesterday I (to come) home from school at half past eight. I (to be) very tired. I (to have) dinner with my family. After dinner I (to be) very thirsty. I (to drink) two cups of tea. Then I (to rest). 4. I (to go) to bed at ten o'clock every day. 5. I (to go) to bed at ten o'clock yesterday. 6. My brother (to wash) his face every morning. 7. Yesterday he (to wash) his face at a quarter past seven. 8. I (not to have) history lessons every day. 9. We (not to rest) yesterday. 10. My brother (not to drink) coffee yesterday. 11. My mother always (to take) a bus to get to work, but yesterday she (not to take) a bus. Yesterday she (to walk) to her office. 12. You (to talk) to the members of your family every day? — Yes, I ... . But yesterday I (not to talk) to them: I (to be) very busy yesterday. 13. Your sister (to go) to school every day? — Yes, she .... 14. Mary (to like) writing stories. 15. Last week she (to write) a funny story about her pet. 16. You (to tell) your mother the truth about the money? 17. You (to wear) your polka-dot dress to work? — Yes, I ... . I (to wear) it yesterday. 18. We (to like) to go to the beach. We (to enjoy) swimming in the ocean last weekend.