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ремонт телевизоров в гомеле;ПК Бествей



1. The market for any one style or model may be very small indeed.
2. For similar reasons most firms specialising in repair work are relatively small.
3. The owners of a joint stock company are clearly the shareholders who provide the money for the business.
4. The capital structure of joint stock companies makes it relatively easy for one company to be taken over by another.
5. Insurance companies provide protection from certain risks in turn for regular payments which are known as premiums.
6. Trade credit is an important source of finance for the small firm.
7. For some time there has been a widely held view that smaller firms are at a disadvantage compared with larger firms when seeking finance from external sources.
8. Small firms have to pay more for their money than larger firms.
9. Many government securities and company debentures are not redeemable for many years after the date of issue.
10. When the total demand for goods and services is running at a high level, there is excess demand for labour.
11. The demand for labour derives directly from the demand for the product of labour.
12. To some extent, older workers can compensate for their slower reactions by experience.
13. She has been here for two months.
14. He didn't take part in the discussion for he was late for the seminar.