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Shall, Should

1. Shall I present the end-of-уеаг figures now?
2. Should we tell him the bad news now?
3. You should receive confirmation within the next few days.
4. Sales should peak around the middle of next year.
5. Both parties shall be bound by the arbitration clause.
6. If you want my advice, you should find another supplier.
7. Should you require any further information, don't hesitate to contact me.

8. First we shall review last year's figures.
9. Shall we start the meeting?
10. I think we've covered that point in great detail. Should I move on to the next item now?
11. The company shouldn't waste any more time on this project.
12. Can I speak to Peter Franks, please? — Yes, I think he should be back from lunch now.
13. They sent the goods two weeks ago; so, they should have arrived by now.
14. The supplier should deliver the goods FOB.
Дайте совет, используя модальный глагол should и слова, данные в скобках.

• E.g. Her diction is not very good. (to read aloud) She should read aloud.

1. I have a slight irritation in my throat. (to smoke less) 2. This child doesn't want to eat soup. (not to give her sweets before dinner) 3. She makes a lot of spelling mistakes. (to copy passages out of a book) 4. The dog is afraid of him. (not to shout at the dog) 5. The students are unable to follow what I am saying. (not to speak so fast) 6. The boy is a little pale. (to play out of doors) 7. I am afraid you will miss that train. (to take a taxi) 8. There is no one in. (to try the room next door)

Модальный глагол SHOULD

You should do it. — Вам следовало бы сделать это (теперь).

You should have done it. — Вам следовало бы сделать это (раньше).

You should not do it. — Вам не следовало бы делать этого (теперь).

You should not have done it. — Вам не следовало бы делать этого (раньше).

Обратите внимание:

You should have done it. — следовало сделать (а вы не сделали)

You should not have done it. — не следовало делать (а вы сделали)

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