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1. An enterprise if defined as the unit of ownership and control.
2. Units of production are officially referred to as establishments.
3. Since the Stock Exchange is a relatively free market, share prices are subject to fluctuations as market conditions change.
4. Twice as many married women were in work or seeking work in the 1990s as there were in the 1960s.
5. She came in as I was speaking.

6. I was glad of his help, slight as it was.
7. As wages increase, the substitution of labour-saving machinery becomes more and more attractive.
8. If the firm is operating under conditions of perfect competition, the price of the product does not change as the firm changes its output.
9. As income rises so does the demand for more leisure.
10. Quite apart from the differences in wage rates as between occupations we also find wage differences within an occupation.
11. As we earn more, we spend more.
12. As the demand for money changes, so must the supply.
13. As it was very late, everybody went home.


1 предлог

1) в качестве, как

to appear as Hamlet — выступить в роли Гамлета

He was employed as a teacher. — Он служил учителем.

As a writer, he's wonderful. — Как писатель он великолепен.

This is regarded as his best novel. — Это считается лучшим его романом.

2) в бытность

He had often been ill as a child. — В бытность свою ребёнком он часто болел.

A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man. — Портрет художника в юности.

2. наречие
1) одинаково, в равной степени, как

It tasted as grape juice but not as sweet. — На вкус он был как виноградный сок, но не такой сладкий.

Nylon is cheaper than leather, and it's just as strong. — Нейлон дешевле кожи, но он такой же прочный.

2) как например, наподобие

some animals, as the fox and the wolf — некоторые животные, как например, лиса и волк

— as follows — следующее

— as usual - обычно

3. местоимение
1) какой, который, как, что (вводит придаточные определительные предложения или обороты с such, the same, so в главном предложении)

He did the same thing as you. — Он сделал то же, что и ты.

2) что, как (вводит придаточные определительные предложения, относящиеся ко всему главному)

He is a foreigner, as is evident from his accent. — Он иностранец, что заметно по акценту.

As you can see, he is alone. — Как видишь, он один.

4. союз
1) так как; поскольку

I must stop work now as I have to go out. — Я должен прекратить работу, так как мне нужно идти.

As you are ready, let's go. — Раз ты готов, пойдём.

2) = just as когда; пока; в то время как

The thought occurred to me as I was watching the procession. — Эта мысль пришла мне в голову, когда я наблюдал за процессией.

3) как, также как и, аналогично

The book was banned in the US, as were two subsequent books. — Эта книга, как и две последующие, была запрещена в США.

4) так, как; таким образом, что

do as you are told — делайте как (вам) сказано

I'll behave toward them as I would like to be treated. — Я буду вести себя с ними так, как хотел бы, чтобы обращались со мной.