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The Passive Voice

1. Most government securities are marketable and may be bought and sold on the Stock Exchange.
2. The precious metals were first used as money on the basis of weight.
3. Many books are read by few people.

4. The answer was known to all of us.
5. It is assumed that he will announce his candidacy soon.
6. She was given some bad advice about selecting courses.
7. At the end of the summer they will have been married for 10 years.

8. This question was raised at the last meeting and no conclusion was reached then.
9. At this stage the raw materials are loaded into this container.
10. A personnel manager has now been appointed.
11. These products have been designed by a special team.
12. Protective clothing must be worn at all times.
13. Based on the total figure, it appears that an error was made in the budget.
14. The price of a product is determined by the interaction of demand and supply.
15. Raw materials and agricultural products are usually sold in open markets, where the influence of cost on supply is much less pronounced.
16. An industry which is being increasingly mechanised may be employing less labour but increasing its output.
17. The gradual trend towards smaller enterprises has not been confined to manufacturing industry.
18. Each individual firm may obtain its components and other requirements at relatively low cost because they are being mass produced for the industry.
19. Units of production are officially referred to as establishments.
20. When the various statutory documents have been submitted to the registar and have been duly accepted by him, he will issue a Certificate of the corporation which bestows upon the company a separate legal identity.
21. The ordinary shareholder is entitled to the residue of profits after all other claims have been met.
22. The ordinary share capital of a company is usually referred to as the equity of the company.
23. Prices are determined by supply and demand and the willingness to buy and sell is subject to many influences.
24. Countries are often described as underpopulated or overpopulated.
25. The output of agricultural products is seriously affected by variations in weather conditions.
26. The management knew what prices were being asked for the commodity in every part of the market.
27. The legal control of monopoly has been substantially extended and modified since the first legislation.
28. If we assume that the stock of capital is being increased relative to the stocks of the other factors of production, the returns to capital will be diminishing.
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    Quiz: Passive Voice Exercises - Present And Past

    Question 1
    Active: People speak Portuguese in Brazil.
    Passive: Portuguese ___________ in Brazil.

    is speak
    is spoke
    is spoken

    Question 2
    Active: The staff cleans all the hotel rooms daily.
    Passive: The hotel rooms _________ daily.
    are clean
    are cleaned
    is cleaned

    Question 3
    Active: We update the company website frequently.
    Passive: The company website ___________ frequently.
    are updated
    is updated
    was updated

    Question 4
    Active: People see this beach as the most beautiful in the country.
    Passive: This beach __________ as the most beautiful in the country.
    is seen
    is saw
    is see
    Question 5

    Active: Somebody ships the products via express mail.
    Passive: The products ___________ via express mail.
    are shipped
    is shipped
    were shipped

    Question 6

    Active: A friend gave me this sweater.
    Passive: This sweater ________ to me by a friend.
    is given
    was gave
    was given

    Question 7
    Active: A famous author wrote these letters.
    Passive: These letters _________ by a famous author.
    were wrote
    was written
    were written

    Question 8
    Active: The teachers chose her to receive the award.
    Passive: She __________ by the teachers to receive the award.
    was chosen
    was chose
    were chosen

    Question 9
    Active: A knock at the door woke us all up.
    Passive: We _____________ by a knock at the door.
    was all woke up
    were all woken up
    were all waked up

    Question 10
    Active: Over 300,000 students took the college entrance exam.
    Passive: The college entrance exam _________ by over 300,000 students.
    was taken
    was took
    was tooken