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ремни оптом

Причастие - неличная форма глагола, обладающая свойствами глагола, прилагательного и наречия.


Причастие 1

Причастие 2

Действительный залог Страдательный залог Имеет только одну форму, передающую значение страдательного залога.
I am surprised.
I want to have my hair cut.
The business run by the new manager is very successful.
Simple doing being done
Perfect having done having been done
The Participle 2 1. The quantity of labour derived from a given stock of population depends upon several factors.
2. Put simply, a business process is the set of activities performed to serve a customer.
3. Taxes placed on goods and services are known as indirect taxes as opposed to direct taxes which are placed on  income and wealth.
4. The information obtained is very valuable.

Упражнение 385 Раскройте скобки, употребляя требующуюся форму причастия.

1. (to phone) the agency, he left (to say) he would be back in two hours. 2. (to write) in very bad handwriting, the letter was difficult to read. 3. (to write) his first book, he could not help worrying about the reaction of the critics. 4. (to spend) twenty years abroad, he was happy to be coming home. 5. (to be) so far away from home, he still felt himself part of the family. 6. She looked at the enormous bunch of roses with a happy smile, never before (to give) such a wonderful present. 7. (not to wish) to discuss that difficult and painful problem, he changed the conversation. 8. (to translate) by a good specialist, the story preserved all the sparkling humour of the original. 9. (to approve) by the critics, the young author's story was accepted by a thick magazine. 10. (to wait) for some time in the hall, he was invited into the drawing room. 11. (to wait) in the hall, he thought over the problem he was planning to discuss with the old lady. 12. They reached the oasis at last, (to walk) across the endless desert the whole day. 13. (to lie) down on the soft couch, the exhausted child fell asleep at once. 14. She went to work, (to leave) the child with the nurse.