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The Present Continuous Tense

1. Economic conditions are changing all the time.
2. They are starting a new sales campaign next week.
3. She is working in Rome at the moment.
4. What are you doing this evening?
5. At present we are recruiting a new sales manager.
6. Sales are not increasing at the moment.
7. He is attending a meeting now.
8. She is coming tomorrow.
  • Употребление Present Continuous и Present Simple. Примеры, таблицы, упражнения

    Упражнение 181. Раскройте скобки, употребляя глаголы в Present Continuous или в Present Simple.

    1. You (to keep) to any special diet? — Well, I (not to think) it (to be) good to eat a lot of meat. I usually (to have) meat only once a week. I (to eat) lots of fruit and vegetables. 2. He (to learn) English now because he (to want) to get a better job. 3. The teacher (to know) the girl often (not to argue) with pupils. 4. I (to think) she often (to worry). 5. Barbara's boss (to see) she (to be) always late for work. 6. I (to call) my son in Cedar Falls now. I (to want) to call him every month but it (to be) very expensive. 7. You (to hear) me now? How your job (to go)? — Great! I (to enjoy) it a lot. The only problem I (to have) here (to be) that the food (to be) so good. I (to eat) too much! I (to get) really fat. 8. Ruth (to learn) English now because she (to like) learning languages and she (to want) to impress everybody. 9. Listen to that man! You (to understand) what language he (to speak)? 10. Your English (to get) better? — Yes, I (to think) so. 11. We (to know) he never (to take) risks. 12. They (to think) he (to learn) fast, he (to know) English well and he (to speak) English fluently. 13. Don't disturb him. He just (to work) at his English. 14. I (not to like) to watch TV very often. But at the moment I (to enjoy) my favourite film "Gone with the Wind". And I (to be) very happy. 15. You (to have) any idea where Rick (to be)? I (not to see) him at work now. — He (to visit) his friends in Spain. 16. Hurry up! We (not to have) much time left. — I (to come)! 17. She (to try) to lose weight, I (to think). She always (to have) light lunches. 18. She (to try) to do her best. 19. My little brother (not to play) the piano very well. That (to be) why he (to practise) the piano again. 20. My grandmother (to be) busy. She (to bake) an apricote pie. She (to bake) pies every Sunday. 21. Tom (to be) tired. He (to be) embarrassed because he (to yawn) his head off. 22. I (to be) sad. That (to be) why I (to cry).