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The Past Perfect Tense

1. She said she had never been to Italy.
2. I suggested meeting again after we had read the proposals.
3. When the company joined the New York stock market, it had already been on the London market for 5 years.
4. Once the MD had formulated a new direction for the company, he wasted no time in putting it into effect.
5. It had been a tough winter. Three senior managers had left the company when John Smith took over.
6. The MD reported that the company had had a good year.
7. As soon as we had installed the new line, productivity went up.
  • Таблица спряжения глагола to write в Past Perfect Tense.

    Упражнение 241. Раскройте скобки, употреблял глаголы в Present Perfect, Past Simple, Past Continuous или Past Perfect.

    1. She is very happy: her son (to finish) school. 2. My brother (to train) at the stadium from six till eight yesterday. 3. My sister (to buy) a pair of nice model shoes this month. 4. I (not to dance) for ages. 5. When Nick (to come) from school, his friends (to play) in the yard. 6. When your sister (to go) to London? 7. My friend just (to recover) after a serious illness. 8. I never (to be) to the Bahamas. 9. At this time yesterday we (to talk) about you. 10. I (to speak) to my friend yesterday. 11. Look! Kate (to wash) all the dishes. 12. Your mother (to return) from work? Can I speak to her? 13. She (to do) her flat the whole day on Saturday. 14. The cat (to drink) all the milk which I (to give) it. 15. You ever (to be) to Piccadilly Circus? 16. He (not to read) Turgenev since he was a pupil. 17. They (to reach) the river by sunset. I8. I (not yet to receive) an answer to my letter. 19. Only when she was going to bed, she remembered that she (to forget) to ring up her friend. 20. We already (to study) seven English tenses. 21. He (to spend) two weeks in Scotland two years ago. 22. I (to buy) a lovely fashionable dress. Now I shall look smart at the party. 23. He (to learn) English before he (to go) to the USA. 24. When she (to spend) all her money, she (to go) home.