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Like, As

1. What a beautiful house! It's like a palace.
2. What does he do? He's a teacher, like me.
3. Some sports like motor racing, can be dangerous.
4. Like the manager, she also has to make important decisions.
5. Everybody is ill at home. Our house is like a hospital.
6. As I said at the beginning of my presentation, sales have been very good. However, the situation has not been like last year.
7. Before joining us he worked as sales manager for a pharmaceutical company.
8. In my spare time I enjoy things like listening to music and reading.
9. As mentioned earlier this evening, we have a guest speaker.
10. It is not like them to keep us waiting for the deliver; they are usually very punctual.
11. After the company reorganisation we started to operate as an independent division.
Like и as переводятся одинаково - "как", но
like = как, подобно чему-л., кому-л., а
as = как, в качестве кого-л.

Like употребляeтся, когда мы сравниваем что-то: одну вещь с другой, одного человека с другим.

1. Like = похожий на что-то, такой же...

- The dog is very intelligent. It is like a human..

- It's raining again. I hate weather like this..

Like - предлог. За ним следует существительное, местоимение или -ing.

Можно также сказать like (someone/something) -ing:

- It sounds like a baby crying.

2. После as должна употребляться конструкция "Подлежащее + сказуемое":

- I'll do it as you told me. - Я сделаю, как вы сказали.

Однако, мы употребляем such as (= такой как) без глагола: - Some sports, such as motor-racing, can be dangerous.

As usual - обычно:

- You're late as usual.

3. Предлог as может употребляться с существительным. Но в этом случае as имеет значение отличное от like:

- He has finished his career as a sportsman. - Как спортсмен, он закончил свою карьеру.

Мы употребляем like при сравнении двух предметов (like=как, подобно),
а as + существительное означает "в качестве кого-л." :

- A few years ago I worked as a bus driver. (Я работал водителем автобуса. )

- Everyone is ill at home. Our house is like a hospital. (Наш дом как больница.)