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Unit 8 What if ... ?

  • Reading

  • Vocabulary

  • Grammar

  • Writing
    Unit 8. Writing a discursive composition. An ideal job
  • Writing a discursive composition

    10 An ideal job

    A Read the two compositions and answer these questions. Which composition:

    a is well-organised?
    b gives clear reasons for their choice of job?
    c introduces information which isn't relevant?
    d uses the same adverbs and adjectives more than once?
    e uses a variety of linking words?
    f uses colloquial language?
    1a, 1b, 2c, 2d, 1e, 2f

    B Which composition do you think is the best?


    If you could choose any job in the world, which would you like to do and why?

    If I could choose any job in the world, I would choose something in the fashion industry. There are lots of challenging jobs in fashion, such as photographers, fashion designers and models. However, it seems to me that models have the best job. Some people say that it's difficult working as a model because it's very competitive and careers are usually short. Despite this, I personally think that models have a lot of fun. First of all, their lifestyle is very glamorous. Top models fly all over the world to do catwalk shows and photoshoots. Although the travel may be tiring, in my opinion it would be interesting to see new countries and experience new cultures. Secondly, I would have the chance to work with creative people such as fashion designers, and I might also meet famous pop stars and film stars at fashion parties. Thirdly, I would be very well-paid. I wouldn't have to worry about bills or buying clothes. I could probably keep the clothes I modelled. Finally, although a modelling career can sometimes be short and difficult, in my opinion it is still the best job in the world.


    If you could choose any job in the world, which would you like to do and why?

    It would be really cool to be an astronaut. I don't really know how to become an astronaut, but I'd love to go to NASA and see the space station and the space shuttle. I watched a film called Mission to Mars the other day. It was really great and the special effects were great too. It was the best space film I've seen for ages. If you ask me, I think being an astronaut would be really great, although it could be quite dangerous too. Astronauts often risk their lives on missions. But I'd still like to go to Mars and see Earth from space. It would be a great experience. Anyway, I've always wanted to be an astronaut. If I could be an astronaut and visit Mars, I'd be very happy.

    C In 1 which of the words and phrases in bold are used to introduce:

    a a contrast?
      Despite this, I personally think that, although
    an opinion?
      However, it seems to me, in my opinion
    c a sequence of points?
      First of all, secondly,thirdly
    d a conclusion?

    11 Writing

    Now read this question.
    If you could meet three famous people, who would you choose to meet and why?

    A Choose one person from each of these categories.

    1 a pop star or a film star
    2 a famous sports star
    3 a famous person in history

    B Answer these questions.

    1 What have they done? / What did they do?
    2 Why do you admire them?
    3 What would you say to them?

    C List other reasons why you would like to meet them.

    D Write your composition using the outline below.

    If I could meet three famous people, I think I would choose ... (which people?). First of all, I would like to meet... (who?). It seems to me that.... (why are they special? why would you like to meet them?) Secondly, I would like to meet.... I personally feel... (why are they interesting? what would you ask them?) My third and final choice would be ... . In my opinion ... (why do you admire them?) To sum up ... (summarise why they are interesting for you).

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