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Do you think people will live longer in the future?

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Bonpoсы для общей беседы на устном экзамене по английскому языку

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193. Who are your favourite Russian painters? 194. What famous English and American painters do you know?

195. Where did you see their pictures?

196. Do you like abstract art?

197. What's the difference between a landscape and a seascape?

198. Can you draw?

199. Have you ever been to the Hermitage in St Petersburg?

200. What art galleries in London do you know?

201. Are you fond of reading science fiction?

202. Who is your favourite science fiction author?

203. Which of the writers foresaw the flight to the Moon?

204. Which great Russian scientist worked out the theory of space flights and designed the first rocket?

205. What achievements have been made in space exploration?

206. Who was the first cosmonaut?

207. Who was the first man to land on the Moon?

208. Do you think there is life on other planets of the solar system?

209. Do you believe in UFOs (Unidentified Flying Objects)?

210. Can you predict the future? What will our life be like in 50 years?

211. What outstanding scientists do you know?

212. What famous inventors do you know?

213. What kind of people are considered to be outstanding? What qualities must they possess?

214. Is it enough to be talented to be called outstanding?

215. Do you agree that computers have completely changed our lives?

216. What possibilities does genetic engineering open?

217. Are you for or against cloning people? Why?

218. Do you think people will live longer in the future? Why?

219. What has man's interference in nature led to?

220. Why do so many species of animals and plants die out for ever?

221. What pollutes and poisons the air?

222. Why are acid rains so dangerous for people?

223. What do you know about the consequences of the Chernobyl tragedy?

224. What should every country do to protect nature and to clean the environment?

225. Is international cooperation necessary to create a system of ecological security? Why do you think so?

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