What do you think of horror films?

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Bonpoсы для общей беседы на устном экзамене по английскому языку

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147. How many times have you been to the cinema this year?

148. Who are your favourite actors?

149. Who are you favourite film directors?

150. What do you think of horror films?

151. Which film did you particularly like recently?

152. What was it about?

153. Who starred in the film?

154. Have you seen any films in English?

155. How often do you go to the theatre?

156. When did you last go to the theatre?

157. Did you like the performance?

158. Did the audience like the performance?

159. Was the house full?

160. Where were your seats?

161. Did you like the scenery?

162. What was the play about?

163. Who played the leading parts?

164. Was the cast good?

165. What do you call a place where the performance takes place?

166. Where do you buy tickets?

167. What do we call a person who writes plays?

168. What do we call a person who directs the staging of a play?

169. What is your favourite theatre and why?

170. Which do you enjoy more: going to the theatre or going to the cinema?

171. Do you like opera?

172. What are your favourite operas?

173. What are your favourite ballets?

174. Which do you prefer: ballet, opera or musical concerts?

175. Who are your favourite composers?

176. Do you enjoy listening to classical music?

177. Which do you prefer: pop music or classical music?

178. What's the difference between a concert and a rehearsal?

179. What's the difference between a composer and a musician?

180. Does loud music annoy you?

181. Who are your favourite pop singers and groups?

182. Does music help you to escape from the problems of everyday life?

183. How often do you go to discos?

184. Do you play any musical instruments?

185. Did you take music lessons? For how long?

186. Have you ever been to a concert you didn't like?

187. Do you watch MTV?

188. How often do you visit art galleries or fine arts museums?

189. How many times have you been to the Tretyakov Gallery?

190. When did you last go to the Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts?

191. What museums have you been to this year?

192. Have you been to any exhibitions lately?

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