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Bonpoсы для общей беседы на устном экзамене по английскому языку

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123. Can you explain the difference between a bookshop and a library?

124. Do you read newspapers?

125. What newspapers do you read?

126. What are your favourite magazines?

127. Where can you buy newspapers and magazines?

128. What newspapers and magazines do you subscribe to?

129. Which sections of a newspaper are you especially interested in?

130. Do you read reviews of new books, films and plays?

131. What is an editorial?

132. What's the difference between an editor and a reporter?

133. Do you like to read stories about the private lives of pop stars and actors?

134. Do you read any newspapers in English?

135. What British newspapers do you know?

136. Do you agree that radio and television have made newspapers unnecessary?

137. Do you like watching TV?

138. How much time do you spend watching TV?

139. Do the mass media report the events objectively?

140. What TV programmes are most popular with young people?

141. What are your favourite TV programmes?

142. What programmes do your parents usually watch?

143. What do you think of soap operas?

144. Do you like quiz shows?

145. Do you ever watch educational TV programmes? Are they helpful?

146. Are you an Internet-user?

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Bonpoсы для беседы на экзамене по английскому языку
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