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Topics Workbook TOEFL
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Unit 2 A sense of identity


Word building

Complete the article with the correct form of the words.

STAR QUALITY It's strange having a 1 ............... (converse) with Jeff Hanson. The 42-year-old builder looks 2 ............... (exact) like Robert De Niro. He has the same colour eyes, the same hair, even the same facial 3 ............... (express) as the Hollywood star. For years Jeff has been 4...............(mistake) for somebody else. 'There's a lot of 5 ...............(excite) when people see me,' says Jeff, 'They think I'm somebody 6 ............... (fame) . Then they notice something different about my 7............... (appear) and Robert De Niro's - I don't have a beauty spot!' A Lookalike agency has already offered) Jeff 8 ............... (employ) , but Jeff's plans are more 9 ............... (ambition). At the moment he wants to work for a film company in the States. 'I've never been abroad before so now is my chance,' says Jeff. An 10...............(addition) advantage is the pay. He could earn £3,000-a-day playing the star's double. But the latest 11 ............... (develop) is his challenge to De Niro. 'We look so alike that I've asked to star with him in a movie - as his long-lost brother,' says Jeff.
The Daily Mirror

1 conversation (converse)
2 exactly (exact)
3 expression (express)
4 mistaken(mistake)
5 excitement (excite)
6 famous (fame)
7 appearance (appear)
8 employment (employ)
9 ambitious (ambition)
10 additional (addition)
11 development (develop)

5 Adjectives and prepositions

A Complete sentences 1-7 with the correct preposition.
    in about of (x2) on with at
1 Jeff is very good at impersonating Robert De Niro.

2 Tim is very keen on Kathy, but he's too shy to ask her out.

3 Paul was bored with playing computer games all the time.

4 Rob was ashamed of stealing the magazine, so he took it back to the shop.

5 I've always been interested in playing football.

6 Tma was embarrassed about her hair. She'd dyed it green!

7 Dave was proud of his appearance. He looked just like Leonardo DiCaprio.

B Now complete sentences 1-3 so that they are true for you.

1 I'm very good at...............
2 I often get bored with...............
3 I'm not very interested in...............

6 Crime

A Match the people with the definitions in 1-8.
    kidnapper vandal shoplifter mugger forger burglar murderer robber
A person who:

1 takes someone away by force and demands money - kidnapper
2 has killed someone illegally or on purpose. - murderer
3 steals from a bank. - robber
4 steals things by breaking into a house. - burglar
5 steals from a shop. - shoplifter
6 attacks and steals from someone in the street. - mugger
7 makes a copy of something in order to deceive people. - forger
8 damages property on purpose. - vandal

B Now write the names of each crime in 1-8. Use a dictionary to help you.

Example kidnapper kidnapping
murderer murder
robber robbery
burglar burglary
shoplifter shoplifting
mugger mugging
forger forgery
vandal vandalism

7 Verbs

Complete sentences 1-7 with these verbs.
    appealed confessed found sentenced arrested suspected escaped
1 'Is it true that Alex is suspected of committing the crime?'

2 Three convicts escaped from Brixton prison last night.

3 The jury found Mr Jones guilty of murder.

4 The student was arrested for possession of drugs.

5 Mark confessed to stealing the library book.

6 The lawyer appealed against the judge's harsh sentence.

7 The drug dealer was sentenced to ten years in prison.

8 Words easily confused

Use one of the words in the correct form to complete sentences 1-6.
    theft robbery burglary
1 The bank robbery took place at 1 o'clock in the afternoon.

2 While we were on holiday, there was a burglary at the house next door.

3 A man was charged with the theft of a valuable painting.
    rob steal
4 When the thieves robbed the jewellery shop, they stole over £50,000.

5 Someone robbed Mark in the street. His watch and wallet were stolen.

6 My bike was stolen last week. Since then I've had to walk to school.