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Unit 2 A sense of identity


9 Present simple, present continuous and present perfect

Read this interview with 25-year-old Lucy, a presenter on a TV breakfast show. Put the words in brackets into the correct form. More than one answer may be possible.

10 Error correction

Correct the mistakes in these sentences.

1 A Has Lucy always wanted to be a TV presenter?
B Yes, she does. Ever since she was 16 years old. B Yes, she has. Ever since she was 16 years old. - correct

2 Lucy is knowing lots of different people. She meets them on her show.
2 Lucy knows lots of different people. She meets them on her show. - correct

3 She recently interviews a boyband from the USA.
3 She recently interviewed a boyband from the USA. - correct

4 Her appearance is important so she buys often new clothes.
4 Her appearance is important so she often buys new clothes. - correct

5 It's 430 a.m., but Lucy isn't wanting to get up.
5 It's 4.30 a.m., but Lucy doesn't want to get up. - correct

6 She isn't needing to eat breakfast. She's had a bar of chocolate.
6 She doesn't need to eat breakfast. She's had a bar of chocolate. - correct

7 Look! Someone famous arrives at the studio.
7 Look! Someone famous is arriving at the studio. - correct

8 At the moment they watch breakfast TV.
8 At the moment they are watching breakfast TV. - correct

11 Language patterns: verb + adjective + infinitive

A The text on page 6 says: other things are not easy to remember.

Complete the sentences 1—4 with an adjective from this list.
    • dangerous • impossible • reluctant • keen
1 I think it's dangerous to work as a policeman in England. They don't carry guns.

2 Psychologists claim that it's impossible to remember the details of a violent crime.

3 The witness was reluctant to attend the identity parade. She arrived at the police station late.

4 The detective was keen to catch the burglar. He had already burgled five houses.

B Complete these sentences in your own words.

1 When I leave school, it might be difficult to ...
2 If you're invited to a birthday party, it's polite to ...
3 If you're learning English, it's a good idea to ...
4 In the future, it will be easier to ...
5 At the moment, I'm determined to ...

Interviewer Lucy, 1 have you always worked as a TV presenter?

Lucy No, I 2 haven't. I used to work for a fashion magazine. This is the first time I 3 have ever worked in television.

Interviewer How long 4 have you been on the show?

Lucy For six months.

Interviewer And you 5 have quickly become one of TV's best-known faces.

Lucy Well, people 6 seem to recognise me now - they 7 often ask me for my autograph!

Interviewer 8 Is it working on the breakfast show fun?

Lucy Yes, it is. But it's a hard job. I 9 usually get up at 4.30 a.m. The show 10 starts at 7 a.m., but I need to be in the studio by 5.30.

Interviewer11 Do you have time to eat breakfast?

Lucy Breakfast is a bar of chocolate! I 12 like to eat it while I'm driving to work.

Interviewer Can you describe a typical show?

Lucy Well, when I 13 arrive at the studio, I start going over my lines. While I 14 am doing this, the film crew are checking the lights and the sound.

Interviewer15 Do you need a long time to prepare?

Lucy Not really. Once I 16 have learnt my lines, a stylist chooses my clothes and my make-up is done. Appearances 17 are very important.

Interviewer And how 18 do you feel before a show starts?

Lucy I am always a bit nervous.

Interviewer 20 Have you ever made any mistakes?

Lucy No, I haven't - not yet!