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МЕСТОИМЕНИЯ SOME, ANY, NO, EVERY И ИХ ПРОИЗВОДНЫЕ : Сборник упражнений для школьников.

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Some обозначает некоторое количество
Утвердительная форма We have got some dictionaries. У нас есть (какие-то) словари.
Отрицательная форма We have got no dictionaries.У нас нет словарей.
We haven't got any dictionaries. У нас нет словарей.
Вопросительная форма Have you got any dictionaries? У вас есть словари?

Упражнение 95. Вставьте some, any или no.


1. I need ... sugar, ... flour, ... eggs, ... butter and ... milk to make a cake. 2. There is ... butter in the fridge, but there isn't ... milk. 3. Are there ... eggs? — There aren't ... eggs left. 4. We haven't got ... flour. 5. To make cabbage soup I need ... cabbage, ... onions, ... carrots, and ... salt. I don't need ... plums or ... pineapples. 6. I need to buy a lot of things. There isn't ... time to waste. 7. Oh, dear! There is ... money in my purse.


1. There are ... pictures in the book. 2. Are there ... new students in your group? 3. There are ... old houses in our street. 4. Are there ... English textbooks on the desks? — Yes, there are ... . 5. Are there ... maps on the walls? — No, there aren't ... . 6. Are there ... pens on the desk? — Yes, there are .... 7. Are there ... sweets in your bag? — Yes, there are ... . 8. Have you got ... English books at home? — Yes, I have ... .9. There are ... beautiful pictures in the magazine. Look at them. 10. There is ... ink in my pen: I cannot write. 11. Is there ... paper on your table? 12. I haven't got... exercise books. Give me ... , please. 13. It is winter. There are ... leaves on the trees.

Упражнение 96. Вставьте some, any или no.

1. We haven't got ... milk. We can't make an omelette. 2. Bob always likes ... sugar in his coffee. 3. Poor Oliver was hungry. He wanted ... bread. 4. They haven't got... stamps. I can't post my leter. 5. He has got ... money. He can't spend his holidays in Switzerland any more and stay at luxury hotels. 6. There are ... schools in this street. 7. Are there ... pictures in your book? 8. There are ... flowers here in winter. 9. I can see ... children in the garden. They are playing. 10. Are there ... new buildings in your street? 11. There are ... people in the park because it is cold. 12. I saw ... boys in the garden, but Mike was not among them. 13. They brought ... good books from the library. 14. Give me ... tea, please, I am thirsty. 15. Dinner was not yet ready, so she gave the children ... bread and butter because they were hungry. 16. Do you want ... milk in your coffee? 17. Have you got ... time to spare? I'd like to ask you ... questions. 18. Is there ... cheese on the plate? 19. There is ... ham on the plate. 20. There is ... tea in the cup: the cup is empty.

Употребление some c неисчисляемыми существительными и с существительными во множественном числе
Сравните следующие предложения
After dinner he drank some juice.  После обеда он выпил сока. (некоторое количество сока) He does not drink milk after dinner, he drinks juice. Он не пьет молоко после обеда, он пьет сок. (не некоторое количество, а сок вообще; сок, а не молоко)
I brought some books from the library. (некоторое количество книг) I like books. (книги вообще, а не некоторое их количество)

Упражнение 97. Вставьте some, any, по или оставьте пропуски незаполненными, смотря по смыслу.

1. There are ... buses today and I can't go shopping. 2. There is ... caviare in the can. I love it. Would you like ... ? 3. Please don't offer her ... chips. She doesn't want... .4. Can I have ... milk in my tea? I don't like it black. 5. There is ... ink in my pen. 6. Is there ... snow in the street this morning? 7. My mother likes ... music. 8. Are there ... chess players here? 9. There are ... diagrams in the new book. 10. Are there ... newspapers on the table? 11. Was there ... water in the glass or ... milk? 12. There was ... soap in the box; he used it to wash his hands. 13. There was ... soap in the box: it smells of ... soap. 14. There are ... letters for you on the table. 15. Do you like ... apples? 16. Were there ... of our teachers at the stadium? 17. There were ... students of our group at the consultation yesterday. 18. Will there be ... concerts at the club next month? 19. There were ... yellow and green pencils on the table. 20. People need ... oxygen for breathing. 21. Are there ... mistakes in my dictation? — Yes, there are .... 22. My brother doesn't like ... carrots.

something — что-нибудь, что-то

Употребление something, anything, nothing
Утвердительная форма  I can see something on the table.
Отрицательная форма I can see nothing on the table.
I cannot see anything on the table.
Вопросительная форма Can you see anything on the table?

everything — всё

Упражнение 98. Вставьте something, anything, nothing или everything.

1. My husband taught his son ... he knows. 2. Her patient has a bad memory. She can't remember ... . 3. I think there is ... wrong with my watch. 4. We've got ... to eat. We've got only ... to drink. 5. The student didn't understand ... because she heard ... . 6. Does he know ... about computers? — Yes, he knows ... because he is the best specialist in computer science at Harvard University. 7. He felt terrible. He couldn't do ... else. 8. ... is all right, the patient is much better today. 9. Is there ... interesting in the programme of the concert? 10. I could see ... : it was quite dark. 11. Give me ... to drink. 12. I didn't take any money with me, so I couldn't buy 13. My new eyeglasses are very good, I can see ... now. 14. I saw ... near the wood that looked like a tent.

Сборник упражнений по английской грамматике для школьников

Ответы к сборнику упражнений по английской грамматике для школьников

Quick Teacher

Письменные (онлайн) упражнения по переводу для начинающих, основанные на простых логических моделях.

Are you ... ?
  • Do you ... ?
  • Does ... ?
  • Can ... ?
  • What ... ?
  • Have you ever ... ?


    Упражнение 99. Вставьте something, anything, nothing или everything.

    1. She has to go to the supermarket. There isn't ... in the fridge. 2. I've had a terrible day. ... went wrong. 3. The young man is very upset. There is ... wrong with his car. 4. His grandparents like doing ... : cooking, playing board games, going to museums, visiting their friends. 5. She never says ... nice about her neighbours. 6. What do you want to drink? — .... I'm not thirsty. 7. Nobody told me ... about his lung cancer. I could do ... to save his life. 8. Give me ... to read, please. — With pleasure. 9. I don't know ... about your town. Tell me ... about it. 10. Please give me ... warm: it is cold here. 11. I understand ... now. Thank you for your explanation. 12. There is ... white in the box. What is it? 13. Is there ... that you want to tell me? 14. Where is the book? — It is on the table. — No, there is ... there.

    somebody — кто-нибудь, кто-то

    Употребление somebody, nobody, anybody
    Утвердительная форма Не asked somebody to help him.
    Отрицательная форма He asked nobody to help him.
    He did not ask anybody to help him.
    Вопросительная форма  Did he ask anybody to help him?

    everybody — все

    Упражнение 100. Вставьте somebody, anybody, nobody или everybody.

    1. Don't tell ... about it. It's a secret. 2. Life is tough! ... has problems. 3. ... has eaten all the ice cream. That's terrible! ... will be able to have it for dessert tonight. 4. I think, ... in our class is honest. That's why we trust .... 5. If you look in the yellow pages, I am sure you'll find ... who can fix your TV. 6. I am not a perfectionist. ... is perfect in this world. 7. Is there ... in the office? 8. ... needs good friends. A friend in need is a friend indeed. 9. Has this group got a dictionary? 10. ... left a magazine in our classroom yesterday. 11. The question was so difficult that ... could answer it. 12. I am afraid I shan't be able to find ... in the office now: it is too late. 13. ... knows that water is necessary for life. 14. Is there ... here who knows French? 15. You must find ... who can help you. 16. ... knew anything about America before Columbus discovered it. 17. I saw ... in the train yesterday who looked like you. 18. There is ... in the next room. I don't know him. 19. Please tell us the story. ... knows it. 20. Is there ... in my group who lives in the dormitory? 21. Has ... here got a red pencil? 22. ... can answer this question. It is very easy.

    Упражнение 101. Заполните пропуски, вставив одно из слов, данных в скобках.

    1. We haven't... black stockings (no, any). 2 They have ... red boots, Kate (any, no). 3. I don't want... today, thank you (nothing, anything). 4. "I haven't got ... clean exercise books, Mother," said the boy (any, no). 5. "We shall not buy ... in this shop, children," said the mother (nothing, anything). 6. Didn't you buy ... potatoes yesterday (any, no)? 7. I didn't see ... in the street when I went out (anybody, nobody). 8. We did not play ... games in the yard because it was raining all day long (no, any). 9. There is ... at home (anybody, nobody). 10. How much did you pay for these boots? — I didn't pay ... (nothing, anything). They are a present from my grandmother. 11. Have you lost ... (anything, nothing)? — No, nobody here has lost ... (nothing, anything).

    Упражнение 102. Поставьте следующие предложения в отрицательную и вопросительную форму.

    1. They have done something. 2. He has given them some money. 3. You have brought something for us. 4.1 have taken some English books from you. 5. She was reading something. 6. He has written a letter to somebody. 7. Somebody by the name of Petrov lives on the third floor. 8. They have some English books. 9. There are some tall trees in front of their house. 10. Peter has something in his box. 11. There are some parks in this town. 12. There are some good bookshops in our district.

    Упражнение 103. Переведите на английский язык.

    1. Я ничего не сказал. Ни слова. 2. Все хотели получить автограф Юрия Гагарина. 3. Все, что у меня есть, принадлежит тебе. 4. В столовой есть кто-нибудь? 5. В саду никого нет. 6. В нашей комнате есть кто-нибудь? 7. Там есть кто-то. 8. Там никого нет. 9. В библиотеке есть кто-нибудь? 10. За занавеской есть что-нибудь? — Нет, там ничего нет. 11. В сумке что-то есть. 12. В доме есть кто-нибудь? — Да, там есть кто-то. 13. Под столом есть что-нибудь? — Да, там что-то есть. 14. Там ничего нет. 15. В кабинете врача есть кто-нибудь? — Нет, там никого нет. 16. В нашей библиотеке есть кое-какие книги на английском языке. 17. В вашей библиотеке есть какие-нибудь книги Джека Лондона? 18. Мой дядя хочет мне что-то сказать. 19. На другой день мой брат знал всех. 20. Если вы захотите что-нибудь поесть, идите в вагон-ресторан. 21. Расскажите нам всё о вашем путешествии.