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Английская грамматика. Сборник упражнений для школьников.
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Эта конструкция состоит из существительного или местоимения в именительном падеже и инфинитива. Переводится на русский язык придаточным предложением.

He is said to know six languages.Говорят, что он знает шесть языков.
He was said to know six languages.Говорили, что он знает шесть языков.
He is said to have gone to London.Говорят, что он уехал в Лондон.
He was said to have gone to London.Говорили, что он уехал в Лондон.
Обратите внимание, что сказуемое выражено глаголом в Passive Voice

Следующая таблица поможет вам переводить предложения, содержащие Complex Subject.

Не was said to work a lot.

 Говорили, что он много работает
... was said to ____ Говорили, что ____ .
...was seen to ____ Видели, что ____ .
...was heard to ____ Слышали, что ____ .
...was supposed to ____ Предполагали, что ____ .
...was believed to ____ Полагали, что ____ .
...was expected to ____ Ожидали, что  ____ .
 ...was reported to ____ Сообщали, что  ____ .
...was considered to ____ Считали, что  ____ .
 ...was thought to ____ Думали, что  ____ .
 ...was found to ____ Обнаружили, что ____ .
 ...was announced to ____ Объявили, что ____ .
 ...was known to ____ . Было известно, что ____ .

Упражнение 458. Переведите на русский язык, обращая внимание на сложное подлежащее.

1. Many books are known to be published in our country every year. 2. You are supposed to graduate in four years. 3. Radium is said to be very radioactive. 4. This device was known to have been designed in that laboratory. 5. His invention is considered to be of great importance. 6. The sun is known to represent a mass of compressed gases. 7. The new rocket is reported to go into operation next year. 8. This type of rocket is supposed to have many advantages. 9. For a long time the atom was thought to be indivisible. 10. The helium atom was found to have two electrons. 11.1 did not know what I was expected to say to that, so I said nothing. 12. He was said to be one of the most promising nuclear physicists. 13. He is said to be a good translator. 14. Roberta was known to be an honest and hardworking girl. 15. Clyde was expected to arrive at the weekend. 16. Becky and Tom were supposed to have stayed at the widow Douglas'. 17. The number of the unemployed is reported to be increasing with every year. 18. Many new textbooks are expected to be published soon. 19. The Moscow Underground is said to be the finest in the world. 20. A hare is known to run very fast. 21. The man was seen to take off his coat. 22. The diamond content of the mines in Western Yakutia is said to be in no way inferior to that of the world-famous South African mines. 23. That power station is known to be situated on the Angara River. 24. These devices are considered to be very effective.

Упражнение 459. Перефразируйте следующие предложения, употребляя сложное подлежащее.

• E.g. We heard that a car stopped outside the door. A car was heard to stop outside the door.

It is believed that the poem was written by Byron. The poem is believed to have been written by Byron.

1. People consider the climate there to be very healthful. 2. It was announced that the Chinese dancers were arriving next week. 3. It is expected that the performance will be a success. 4. It is said that the book is popular with both old and young. 5. It is believed that the poem was written by an unknown soldier. 6. It is supposed that the playwright is working at a new comedy. 7. It is reported that the flood has caused much damage to the crops. 8. It was supposed that the crops would be rich that year. 9. It has been found that this mineral water is very good for the liver. 10. Scientists consider that electricity exists throughout space. 11. It is said that the weather in Europe was exceedingly hot last summer. 12. It was reported that five ships were missing after the battle.


Следующие глаголы в предложениях, содержащих Complex Subject, употребляются в Active Voice.

to seem, to appear, to turn out, to happen

Упражнение 460. Переведите на русский язык, обращая внимание на сложное подлежащее.

1. Money just doesn't happen to interest me. 2. In the middle of the lecture Dr. Sommerville happened to pause and look out of the window. 3. From the very first mention of Long John, I was afraid that he might turn out to be the very one-legged sailor whom I had watched for so long at the inn. 4. Clyde seemed to have been thinking of no one else but Sondra since their last meeting. 5. Clyde appeared to have forgotten of his promise to spend his spare evenings with Roberta. 6. She appeared to be an excellent actress. 7. One day a Hare happened to meet a Tortoise. 8. The Tortoise seemed to be moving very slowly. 9. The Hare turned out to be the loser of the race. 10. The apparatus seemed to be in excellent condition. 11. You appear to have found in him something that I have missed. 12. This work seems to take much time. 13. The operation seemed to be a complicated one. 14. The new methods of work appear to be very effective. 15. The percentage of carbon in this steel turned out to be low. 16. Irving turned out to be a long, pale-faced fellow. 17. His office turned out to be in one of the back streets. 18. He appeared to be an ideal man. 19. She doesn't seem to want to do anything I suggest. 20. He turned out to have no feeling whatever for his nephew. 21. This appeared to amuse the policeman. 22. You can easily get in through the window if the door happens to be locked. 23. The peasants did not seem to see her. 24. The Gadfly seemed to have taken a dislike to Signora Grassini from the time of their first meeting. 25. You don't seem to have done any great thing to yourself by going away. 26. "Jim," he said at last, in a voice that did not seem to belong to him.

Английская грамматика. Сборник упражнений для школьников

Упражнение 461. Перефразируйте следующие предложения, употребляя сложное подлежащее.

• E.g. It appeared that they had lost the way. They appeared to have lost the way.

1. It appeared that he was losing patience. 2. It appeared that he had not heard what had been said. 3. It happened that I was present at the opening session. 4. It so happened that I overheard their conversation. 5. It turned out that my prediction was correct. 6. It turned out that the language of the article was quite easy. 7. It seems they know all about it. 8. It seems they have heard all about it. 9. It seemed that the discussion was coming to an end. 10. It seems that you don't approve of the idea. 11. It seemed that the house had not been lived in for a long time.

Запомните следующие предложения, содержащие Complex Subject

He is likely to win the prize. — Похоже, что он выиграет приз.

He is sure to come. — Он обязательно придет.

Упражнение 462. Переведите на русский язык, обращая внимание на словосочетания to be likely to, to be sure to.

1. We most of us want a good many things that we are not likely to get. 2. He is sure to tell me all about this even if I don't ask him. 3. When Sondra said that they were sure to meet again, she saw Clyde's face suddenly brighten. 4. If we go on arguing, we are sure to quarrel. 5. They are sure to acknowledge your talent. 6. He is sure to give us some useful information. 7. The article is likely to appear in the next issue of the journal. 8. Mr. Worthing is sure to be back soon. 9. These two young people are sure to be very good friends. 10. You are sure to be there tomorrow night, aren't you? 11. She is not likely to change her opinion. 12. They were sure to come to an understanding. 13. Don't worry: everything is sure to turn out all right. 14. This new course of treatment is sure to help your grandmother.

Упражнение 463. Переведите на английский язык, употребляя сложное подлежащее.

1. Никак не ожидали, что холодная погода наступит так рано. 2. Оказалось, что мы уже когда-то встречались. 3. Вы, кажется, устали. 4. Условиия работы оказались более трудными, чем предполагалось. 5. Вы случайно не знаете этого человека? 6. Книга, которую вы мне дали, оказалась скучной. 7. Новые автобусы оказались очень удобными. 8. Из трех сестер Бронте Шарлотта считается наиболее талантливой. 9. Как известно, английская писательница Войнич жила в течение нескольких лет в Петербурге и изучала русскую литературу. Считают, что русская литература оказала влияние на ее творчество. 10. Ваш приятель, кажется, очень интересуется древней историей. 11. Известно, что римляне построили на Британских островах хорошие дороги. 12. Полагают, что поэма "Беовульф" была написана в VIII веке. 13. Вальтер Скотт считается создателем исторического романа. 14. Сообщают, что экспедиция достигла места назначения. 15. Я случайно знаю номер его телефона. 16. Он оказался хорошим спортсменом. 17. Он, кажется, пишет новую статью: кажется, он работает над ней уже две недели. 18. Я случайно встретил его в Москве. 19. Говорят, что это здание было построено в XVII веке. 20. Известно, что марсианские каналы были открыты в 1877 году. 21. Предполагают, что заседание закончится в десять часов. 22. Полагают, что они знают об этом больше, чем хотят показать. 23. Джим оказался храбрым мальчиком. 24. Рочестер случайно встретил Джейн по дороге домой. 25. Говорят, что он работает над своим изобретением уже несколько лет. 26. Говорят, что эта статья переведена на все языки мира. 27. Вы, кажется, много читали до поступления в университет.