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MUCH, MANY, (A) LITTLE, (A) FEW Английская грамматика онлайн + ответы

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плохо I have little time. У меня мало времени.
хорошо I have a little time. У меня есть немного времени.
плохо I have few books. У меня мало книг.
хорошо I have a few books.
У меня есть несколько книг

Английская грамматика. Сборник упражнений для школьников.
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Упражнение 115. Переведите на английский язык следующие пары слов.

Много тетрадей, много молока, много воды, много дней, много газет, много мела, много снега, много лет, много картин, много музыки, много мальчиков, много девочек, много чая, много лимонов, много мяса, много комнат, много учителей, много работы, много воздуха, много птиц, много машин.

much time (неисчисляемое сущ.)
many books (мн. ч.)

little water (неисчисляемое сущ.)
few rivers (мн. ч.)

Упражнение 116. Вставьте much или many.

1. I don't eat ... mangoes. 2. Не eats ... fish. 3. She ate so ... dessert that she is in bed today with a stomachache. 4. That man drank so ... wine, and he smoked so ... cigarettes that he has a terrible headache today. 5. Mary must not eat too ... salt because she has problems with her blood pressure. 6. My mother says I eat too ... French fries and drink too ... beer. She wants her son to be healthy. 7. There is not too ... space in my flat. 8. There are ... new pictures in this room. 9. There are ... teachers at our school, and ... of them are women. 10. ... of these plays are quite new. 11. Thanks awfully for the books you sent me yesterday. — Don't mention it, it wasn't ... bother. 12. ... of her advice was useful. 13. He had ... pairs of socks. 14. Please don't put ... pepper on the meat. 15. There were ... plates on the table. 16. I never eat ... bread with soup. 17. Why did you eat so ... ice cream? 18. She wrote us ... letters from the country. 19. ... of these students don't like to look up words in the dictionary. 20. ... in this work was too difficult for me. 21. ... of their answers were excellent. 22. ... of their conversation was about the institute.

Упражнение 117. Переведите на английский язык следующие пары слов.

Мало домов, мало чая, мало чашек, мало яблок, мало окон, мало бумаги, мало кофе, мало статей, мало радости, мало супа, мало деревьев, мало травы, мало детей, мало игрушек, мало света, мало парт, мало колбасы, мало сока, мало книг, мало цветов, мало соли, мало друзей, мало дворцов.

Упражнение 118. Вставьте little или few.

l. Не has got ... friends. 2. I drink ... coffee. I don't like it. 3. We must hurry. We've got very ... time. 4. There are very ... scholarships for students in this university. 5. The Smiths have ... money. They aren't rich. 6. The theatre was almost empty. There were very ... people there. 7. There was ... lemonade in the bottle. There were ... peaches in the basket. 8. I have ... time, so I can't go with you. 9. He has ... English books. 10. There is ... ink in my pen. Have you got any ink? 11. There are ... bears in the zoo. 12. Tom Canty was the son of poor parents and had very ... clothes. 13. There is too ... soup in my plate. Give me some more, please. 14. The children returned from the wood very sad because they had found very ... mushrooms. 15. There was too ... light in the room, and I could not read. 16. There are very ... people who don't know that the Earth is round.

Упражнение 119. Вставьте much, many, little или few.

1. Robert wrote so ... letters that he's never going to write a letter again. 2. She ate so ... ice cream that she's going to have a sore throat. 3. There is ... mayonnaise in Vera's kitchen. She has to go to the supermarket and buy some. 4. There are ... cookies in the box. I should have bought them last Monday. 5. Does your sister read ... ? — Yes, she does. And your brother? — Oh, he doesn't. He has so ... books, but he reads very .... 6. Have you ... work to do today? — No, not very .... 7. Walk quicker, please. We have very ... time. 8. I am sorry to say, I have read very ... books by Walter Scott. 9. My brother is a young teacher. Every day he spends ... time preparing for his lessons. 10. I know very ... about the writer. It is the first book I am reading. 11. The pupils of our class ask ... questions at the lesson. They want to know everything. 12. You do not make mistakes in your spelling. Do you work hard at it? — Oh, yes, I do, I work very ....

плохо I have little time. У меня мало времени.
хорошо I have a little time. У меня есть немного времени.
плохо I have few books. У меня мало книг.
хорошо I have a few books.
У меня есть несколько книг

Упражнение 120. Переведите на английский язык следующие пары слов.

Немного денег, мало денег, несколько стульев, мало стульев, несколько песен, мало песен, немного веселья, мало веселья, мало мальчиков, немного воды, несколько человек, мало воды, мало воздуха, мало столов, несколько минут, несколько кошек, мало травы, немного удачи, несколько дней, мало работы, немного соли, несколько ложек, мало света, мало окон, несколько машин, немного сахару, мало яиц, мало сыра.

Упражнение 121. Вставьте a little, a few.

This is my mother's favorite recipe for fruitcake, and everybody says it's out of this world!

1. Put 3 cups of flour into a mixing bowl.

2. Add ... sugar.

3. Slice ... apples.

4. Cut up ... oranges.

5. Pour in ... honey.

6. Add ... baking soda.

7. Chop up ... nuts.

8. Add ... salt.

9. Mix in ... raisins.

10. Bake for 45 minutes.

Enjoy, dear!

Упражнение 122. Вставьте little, a little, few или a few.

1. There is ... salad left in this bowl. 2. Would you like ... salad? — Yes, thank you. My doctor says it's good for my health. 3. I have ... money, so we can go to the cinema. 4. I have ... money, so we cannot go to the cinema. 5. This girl works very ... , that's why she knows nothing. 6. Mother gave us ... apples, and we were glad. 7. He did not like it at the camp: he had very ... friends there. 8. This lemon drink is sour; if you put ... sugar in it, it will be sweeter. 9. This lemon drink is sour; if you put ... lumps of sugar in it, it will be sweeter. 10. The hall was almost empty: there were very ... people in it. 11. I can't buy this expensive hat today: I have too ... money. 12. She left and returned in ... minutes. 13. I think you can spare me ... time now. 14. I am sorry I have seen ... plays by this author.

Упражнение 123. Вставьте much, many, little, few, a little или a few.

1. When we walked ... farther down the road, we met another group of students. 2. Have you got ... ink in your pen? 3. At the conference we met ... people whom we knew well. 4. There are very ... old houses left in our street. Most of them have already been pulled down. 5. If you have ... spare time, look through this book. You will find ... stories there which are rather interesting. 6. There are ... things here which I cannot understand. 7. Shall I bring ... more chalk? — No, thank you. There is ... chalk on the desk. I hope that will be enough for our lesson 8. He had ... English books at home, so he had to go to the library for more books. 9. She gave him ... water to wash his hands and face. 10. I'd like to say ... words about my journey. 11. After the play everybody felt ... tired. 12. Let's stay here ... longer: it is such a nice place. 13. There were ... new words the text, and Peter spent ... time learning them. 14. There was ... hay in the barn, and the children could not play there. 15. There was ... water in the river, and they decided to cross it. 16. My mother speaks German ... and she can help you with the translation of this letter.