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Upper-Intermediate Tests Murphy
Matrix Upper-Intermediate Tests
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Test 1


1 Choose from sentences a-h the one which fits each gap 1-7. There is one sentence you do not need.

Images of the world - the history of maps

No one knows who invented maps, or when or even where.

1 ______________. These earliest maps are 4300-year-old clay tablets showing various regions of Persia (now Iran).

It is not surprising that maps have inspired so many to great achievement.

2______________. Countless explorers have been inspired by maps, to test the truth of what they describe and explore their frontiers.

3______________. The lack of accurate maps almost led to a murderous mutiny aboard Columbus' ship in 1492.

4______________. Astronauts Armstrong and Aldrin came frighteningly close to crashing into a huge crater that lunar cartographers had somehow failed to chart.

5______________. Some jungle-covered areas of South and Central America and the polar regions have yet to be mapped in full detail.

6_____________. For example, it will be many years before we have an atlas of the Earth as good as the one we have for the Moon.

7______________. To produce a world map with that much detail would be a huge challenge even with modern-day technology.


2 Choose the best answer, a, b, c, or d, to complete the sentences.

1 Most young people today are very interested in their___________ . 2 The bank robber managed to _________ from the police for several weeks. 3 Hunters are a threat to the__________ of many wild animals. 4 The actress wore a dress covered in diamonds so she would _________at the party. 5 The octopus _________itself from larger fish by surrounding itself in a cloud of black ink. 6 Lara found it difficult to live_________ to her parents' expectations. 7 The TV programme gave viewers a very bad _________ of life in the city. 8 Some people find it easier to _________ their feelings in writing rather than on the telephone.

3 Complete the text with the correct form of these phrasal verbs.

1 I had so much work last week that I_________ with the arrangements for my party.

2 Jean______________on the first day of her skiing holiday, and broke her leg.

3 If you want____________ in the pop world, you will need a good agent.

4 My uncle ______________college after six months, now he wishes he had finished the course.

5 According to the travel agency, the images in their current advertisement ______________adventure and change, as well as environmental responsibility.

4 Add one of these prefixes or suffixes to the words in brackets to complete the sentences.

1 My holiday in Greece was (wonder), I want to go back there next year.

2 If you want to have an__________ (expensive) meal on holiday, ask local people where they eat.

3 I found that book very________ (help) when I was writing my project.

4 John thought his china plate was very valuable, but he was told it was_________ (worth).

5 These days it is______________ (common) to see horses in a big city.


5 Put the verbs in brackets into the past simple or the present perfect.

1 Last week, I ________ (start) tennis lessons, and this week I _________(do) two hours of practice.

2 Alan_________ (not / see) his cousin for ages, as she________(move) abroad last year.

3 My grandmother__________ (live) in this country for 40 years, but she ________ (never / return) to visit the country where she spent her childhood.

4 Dad________ (learn) to ski in 1990, techniques ______________ (change) a bit since then.

6 Complete the sentences using when, if or until.

1 ________you haven't finished your homework by six o'clock, it will be too late to go to the cinema.

2 Mark can't leave his job_________he has found another one.

3 I'll phone you ________I've found out the time of the train.

4 _________I have collected my photographs, you can see them.

5 I can't get on the train________I've bought a ticket.

6 ________ you've got Sally's email address with you, we can send her an email now.

7 I'll lend you this book________ I have finished reading it.


World survey of popular culture!

What are people listening to, watching and reading in your country? What are the most well-known personalities? We want your opinions now!

Write a report (200-250 words) on popular culture in your country.


examples from at least 2 different areas, such as films, music, etc.
examples of famous personalities
why you feel these people are important to your country's popular culture


Exchanging information: in a photography shop
Preparation time: 1 minute.
Work in pairs.
You have about 2 minutes to exchange the following information:

Student A
You are on holiday in Britain and go into a photography shop with 2 rolls of film. Ask about:

the cost of developing 24 and 36-exposure films.
the cost of ordering enlargements.
collecting the photos.

You speak first.

Student B
You have a summer job in a photography shop. Answer the customer's questions, giving the following information:
the cost of developing 24 and 36-exposure films
the cost of ordering enlargements
when the customer can collect the photos

Wait for your partner to speak first.

Test 1 Answers
1 1 d     2 h     3a     4 g     5 f     6 e     7 b
2 1 c     2 c     3 a     4 b     5 d     6 a     7 d     8c
3 1 fell behind     2 fell over     3 to get ahead     4 dropped out of     5 stand for   
4 1 wonderful     2 inexpensive     3 helpful     4 worthless     5 uncommon    
5 1 started, have done     2 hasn't seen, moved     3 has lived / has been living, has never returned     4 learnt, have changed
6 1 If    2 until    3 when     4 When     5 until     6 If     7 when