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Matrix Upper-Intermediate Tests

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Test 4


1 Read the text and choose the best answer, a, b, c or d, to questions 1-7.

Dolphin therapy

As his feet splash through the warm waters of a huge outdoor pool at Dolphin Cove in the Florida Keys, USA, ten-year-old Jamie has a delighted expression on his face. He suffers from a disability which means he has difficulty communicating with the rest of the world, but the presence of playful dolphins elicits attention and squeals of pleasure. His parents are happy, too. 'In the past, he wouldn't even touch anything solid, and now he's grabbing hold of the dolphin's fin', says May, Jamie's mother. 'It's opening a new world for him.'
The captive dolphins are part of the Dolphin Human Therapy programme, established by Dr David Nathanson, who uses dolphins to help children with mental and physical disabilities. The dolphins are not treated as miracle healers. Instead, the possibility of touching their grey-suede skin or even having a swim with a dolphin is a reward that encourages children like Jamie to respond to their teachers, who sit with the children at the water's edge. The sessions start with the teacher encouraging the child to motion 'hello' to a dolphin, which responds with a shake of its head or fin. The child is offered another chance to play with the dolphin if he or she works hard during the session.

Adults too are attracted to swimming with captive dolphins as well. At a theme park near Orlando, people pay to have a 30-minute swim with them. It is a deeply memorable experience. When a swimmer slides into water alongside a dolphin they can actually feel their skin tingling as the dolphin scans them with sonar. Then with a flip of their powerful tails, the dolphins are off, gliding around effortlessly, clearly observing their human visitors.

Anyone tempted to swim with wild dolphins, however, should be careful. They can have a vicious streak. Male dolphins will sometimes kill baby dolphins, to attract the attention of females. They have also been filmed killing small porpoises (animals similar to dolphins), probably mistaking them for baby dolphins.

Scientists have discovered that dolphins 'talk' to each other, through a form of whistling. The animals practise 'whistle matching', which is when one dolphin whistles and another repeats the sound within three seconds.

Back at Dolphin Cove, the dolphins' contribution to the children's progress is acknowledged. 'I think dolphins are incredible,' says Jeffrey Bicknell, who works with the children. 'I've seen them look at a child and observe what the problem is, and change their behaviour according to the nature of the problem. They are more dominant with some children, more patient with others.'

1 Jamie benefits from his sessions with the dolphins because 2 What is the aim of using dolphins? 3 When the dolphins are with the children, they 4 Adults enjoy swimming with captive dolphins because 5 Studies of wild dolphins have shown that some are 6 'Whistle matching' is how dolphins 7 Jeffrey Bicknell points out that dolphins


2 Complete the sentences using the correct form of the words in brackets.

1 Most mammals are completely _____________ when they are born and depend on their mothers. (help)

2 Scientists are concerned for the______________of the Tusker elephant. (survive)

3 We had a very______________sale in aid of an animal charity. (success)

4 The___________ effects of environmental damage is very worrying.(globe)

5 Lead-free petrol reduces ___________ in our cities. (pollute)

6 Most people know that they need to be ______________about the disposal of rubbish. (care)

7 You need to be______________ well-qualified to work with wild animals. (exceptional)

8 Some people feel that animals should not be kept in ______________ .(captive)

9 In a very cold winter many wild animals are at risk of dying from______________ .(starve)

10 Humans and chimpanzees share many______________. (characterise)

3 Choose the best answer, a, b or c, to complete the sentences.

1 I __________ apologise for the trouble I caused you yesterday. 2 Lee felt that having a Ferrari would give him considerable 3 The zoos breed animals so that their future is_____________ 4 I can't_____________ to spend any more time on this piece of work. 5 Before going paragliding, you should _____________ the risks. 6 I can't go climbing tomorrow as some of my equipment is 7 After such a difficult day, Patrick will think ____________ before going sailing again. 8 My friend bought an antique vase, but it turned out to be a cheap____________ .


4 Put the verbs in brackets into the present perfect or the present perfect continuous.

1 My brother_____________ (save) up for a computer for three months now, and he almost has enough money.

2 It's impossible to get tickets for the football match, we ___________(try) all morning.

3 Pam_____________ (never / see) animals in the wild: she'd love to go on safari.

4 Jane _____________ (learn) Czech for three months and she's already quite good. .

5 At last John____________(decide) what he wants to do when he leaves school.

6 My parents and I______________(spend) every summer since I was a child at my grandparents' house.

7 I______________(always / believe) that animals understand far more than we realise.

8 I_____________ (think) about what you said all day, but I still have not made up my mind what to do.

9 Mrs Jones______________(seldom / travel) outside the county where she lives.

5 Choose the correct form of the verb in these sentences.

1 We train / are training very hard this week so we will be ready for the race.

2 Paulais working / works in a clothes shop before starting at university.

3 Mike is watching / watches history programmes on television in preparation for his exam.

4 My mother often is staying / stays with my sister to help her with the new baby.

5 I enjoy / am enjoying detective stories, you should try reading one.

6 Jenny is painting / paints her room yellow, it should be finished by Christmas.


6 Some English friends have invited you to stay in London for a week. They have written to you asking for information about the following:

• when and where you will arrive
• if there is anything specialyou would like to do during your stay
• if there is anything you cannot eat or drink
• whether you could stay for an extra week to go with them to Scotland

Write an informal letter (120-150 words) to your friends answering their questions.


Negotiating: reaching an agreement

Preparation time: 1 minute. Work in pairs.

You are planning a weekend's camping in the forest by a lake with a friend. You will have to carry everything you need in a backpack. Talk to your partner about what things will be essential. You have 2-3 minutes to reach agreement about what to take with you.

Test 4 Answers

1 1b 2d 3d 4b 5a 6b 7c
2 1 helpless 2 survival 3 successful 4 global
5 pollution 6 careful 7 exceptionally 8 captivity
9 starvation 10 characteristics
31b 2a 3c 4d 5c 6a 7b 8d
4 1 has been saving up 2 have been trying
3 has never seen 4 has been learning 5 has decided
6 have spent 7 have always believed
8 have been thinking 9 has seldom travelled
5 1 are training 2 is working 3 is watching 4 stays
5 enjoy 6 is painting