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Matrix Upper-Intermediate Tests

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Achievement Test 1


1 From statements 1-10, circle five which reflect the content of the text.

1 If you cannot sleep, walking around will make things worse

2 What you do just before bedtime can affect how you sleep.

3 Occasional sleeping problems should not be ignored.

4 It is helpful to try to sleep for the same amount of time each night.

5 Recording sleeping patterns seldom helps.

6 It is important to sleep in a darkened room.

7 You can help yourself to sleep at night by working things out in the day.

8 You have to focus on your body in order to relax properly.

9 The old idea of counting sheep is no longer recommended.

10 Imaginary conversations may help you sleep.

Time for bed

When you can't sleep, two things can be guaranteed to upset you. The first is being told to calm down. And the second is telling yourself that if you don't go to sleep at once, you're going to feel dreadful in the morning. But at 3 a.m. what are the options? Get up and walk around, say the experts. Read a book, listen to music, drink some milk. Only when you are sleepy should you go back to bed, and if you still can't drop off, then get up again, as many times as you need to. And if this lying awake is getting to be a habit, then decide the next day on a plan of action.

The most common advice is to get into a routine. Going to bed and getting up at the same time help the body establish a pattern (bodies like patterns), and keeping a record of your routine and noting down what it is that wakes you up, and when, might help further. Winding down and preparing for bedtime are also strongly advised. Stick to calming activities such as warm baths, and avoid vigorous exercise, exciting books, tense films and heated arguments. If you like a dark room, make sure it is dark. Get the temperature right and the bed comfortable and switch off your phone.

Rather than lying awake going over things, take some time during the day to write down those worries. Make a list of the problems you can deal with, decide how you are going to deal with them, then put them out of your mind. Once you get into bed, active relaxation seems to be what's required. Concentrate intently on relaxing all your muscle groups, starting with your scalp and working down to your toes.

And for the mind there are all sorts of intriguing possibilities, including the old favourite of counting sheep. Visualising a blackboard at school with someone slowly writing numbers on it, is one suggestion. Another is to think of a living room you know well. Then fill the sofa and chairs with friends - or pop stars. Then start talking to them. Tell them what you're going to accomplish tomorrow and ... And what's that? They've all fallen asleep without you? Oh well. Maybe it's time for your first little walkabout.


2 Complete the sentences with one of the phrasal verbs in the correct form.

1 Today Mrs Lyle ____________all the invitations to her daughter's wedding.

2 Oh no, I______________of paper. I'll have to buy some more.

3 My sister is feeling depressed as last week she ______________with her boyfriend.

4 I______________an old photograph of myself as a child when I was tidying up my room.

5 Marie is going to______________having a birthday party until her brother has returned from holiday.

6 We'll have to______________the fact that we can't afford a holiday this year.

7 I am trying to______________eating chocolate, but it's very hard!

3 Complete the text with the correct prepositions.

How to make real coffee

The British have always been well known 1______________their tea-drinking habits, and if they drank coffee at all, it was always instant. These days, however, the consumption 2______________real coffee has been increasing dramatically all 3______________the British Isles. But the British have yet to learn how 4____________make it properly. The following tips for perfect coffee come 5______________ a well-known restaurateur. Always buy freshly roasted coffee beans and keep them 6______________an airtight container 7__________up to a week. Grind just what you need (or it will taste bitter as the ground coffee reacts 8______________the air). If you want to make a cappuccino, professionals use an espresso machine, frothing some milk in a jug and then pouring it over the coffee. You can also sprinkle a little chocolate 9______________the top 10______________an extra!


4 Complete the sentences using the correct form of the verb in brackets.

1 Alice___________(speak) French when she was a child, but she_____________(not / use) the language for five years.

2 Jim______________ (worry) about his business all last year, so yesterday he______________(decide) to postpone his summer holiday.

3 My sister and I______________(enjoy) singing in the choir at the moment, as we are singing some of our favourite songs.

4 ______________you______________(not / enjoy) the film last night? I saw that you______________(not / laugh) at the jokes.

5 Harry__________ (never / drive) a car until he started lessons last week.

5 Complete the sentences using the correct form of the gerund or infinitive.

1 Can I borrow your bicycle tomorrow? I need ______________(go) to the other side of town.

2 Many people are really interested in______________ (learn) about their family history.

3 My parents have been trying___________ ___________(improve) their spoken Italian, but they don't seem to have made much progress.

4 I cannot work in here if you keep on______________ (make) so much noise.

5 I remember______________(love) books about animals when I was a child.

6 Complete the sentences using the following expressions:

1 It was _____________ one of the nicest holidays I have ever had.

2 _____________Mr Lyman is over ninety, he still enjoys going for a walk.

3 Everyone enjoyed the party______________me.

4 The Smith family had a great time on their trip to London ______________the terrible weather.

5 ______________I started reading this book, I haven't watched any TV.


You are going to hear a radio programme about food in Britain. As you listen, number the comments A-E in the order in which you hear them.

1 A Chinese food is the second favourite takeaway in Britain.
2B You can see where the cooking takes place.
3C The takeaway is furnished very basically.
4D The shop looks like a typical Chinese takeaway.
5E There are several Indian restaurants nearby.

Now listen to John Green's interview with Ricky Tan, and decide if statements A-E are true or false.

A East End has been open for less than two years.
B Ricky has worked in the shop since it opened.
C Ricky has to work in the mornings.
D Ricky has worked since leaving school.
E As a child, Ricky wished he lived somewhere different.

Achievement test 1 answers

1 Statements 2, 4, 7, 8,10
2 1 sent out / has sent out 2 've run out 3 broke up
4 came across 5 put off 6 face up to 7 give up
3 1 for 2 of 3 around 4 to 5 from 6 in 7 for
8 with /to 9 on 10 as
4 1 spoke, hasn't used
2 was worrying / had been worrying, decided
3 are enjoying
4 Didn't you enjoy, weren't laughing / didn't laugh
5 had never driven
5 1 to go 2 learning 3 to improve 4 making 5 loving
6 1 without doubt 2 Despite the fact that 3 apart from
4 in spite of 5 Since