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Matrix Upper-Intermediate Tests

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Test 10


1 Read the text and decide whether these statements are true or false. Write T or F in each box.

Sally's dilemma

'My problem might not seem like a problem, but it is. I've just been offered a modelling contract in London! I was having a coffee at my local shopping centre with my best friend Lisa, and there was this woman who was looking at us. Then she came up to our table, and said to me she was from this modelling agency, and she would like me to go and see them. At first I thought it was a joke, because I wasn't dressed up or anything, I had got up late, and was wearing jeans and a sloppy jersey and hadn't even washed my hair! Anyway, my dad came with me to the agency and they took loads of photos, and now they've offered me a contract.

The problem is that my teachers at school think I ought to stay on and take my exams before I accept the offer so I've got some choices for the future if this doesn't work out. But I think that if I don't take this opportunity now, it may not happen again. When I asked the agency, they said they couldn't give any guarantees about a future with them if I didn't start now. So it would be a big risk to delay.

The other problem is my parents. My dad is all for it, he says I can put by some capital and I can worry about exams later on. And he has spoken to the agency who say that they will take care of me and all that, so he's happy. But my mum says that I should stay at school for another two years, maybe do a little modelling in the holidays and then see how I feel after I have taken my exams. My gran who lives with us says she's fed up with us all going on about it. I can't please everyone, and I don't know what to do!'


2 Complete the sentences with the correct forms of these phrasal verbs.

1 I think watching motor racing on TV is really boring. I can't see what you__________ it.

2 Liz's miserable because last night she___________ with her boyfriend.

3 My teacher says he wants___________ my exam. results with me. I've got to see him after school.

4 Have you seen the notice about going camping? The trip won't take place unless enough people___________ for it.

5 My little sister looked very smart for her first day at school, she___________in her new school uniform.

6 My mother says that parents have to__________of their children once they are grown up.

3 Match the words in 1-6 to the meanings in a-f.

1 flee
2 awesome
3 deport
4 clean-cut
5 discharge
6 heiress

a send out or away
b neat and respectable
c a woman who has or who will inherit money
d run away
e amazing
f force somebody to leave a country

4 Choose the best answer, a, b or c, to complete the sentences.

1 The passenger_______what time the train would arrive. 2 Nick_______that he had fallen asleep and not done the shopping, 3 Glen was_______ of the company's financial problems, otherwise he wouldn't have agreed to take the job with them. 4 I was_______by officials at the airport, as I was carrying fresh food. They made me throw it all away. 5 Simon says he ________ giving up studying French in school, as now he has been offered a job in France. 6 Sarah felt ______ that she wasn't picked for the basketball team as she's a very good player. 7 I've won £100 on the Lottery - what a _______of luck!


5 Change these reported sentences to direct speech.

1 Mary asked Sarah if she had finished her packing yet.
'___________________________?' Mary asked Sarah.

2 My father told me I had to tidy my room before lunch.
' __________________________,' said my father.

3 The museum guide told the visitors not to touch the objects.
'___________________________,' the museum guide told the visitors.

4 The waitress told us that she'd bring our coffees to our table.
'___________________________,'said the waitress.

5 The travel agent told Chris that he was trying very hard to get tickets for him.
'____________________________,' the travel agent told Chris.

6 Rewrite these questions.

1 What time is lunch?
Can you tell me________________________ .

2 Where does the US President live?
Someone enquired ______________________ .

3 What kind of food does Lee like?
I wonder _____________________________.

4 Where do students usually work in their summer holidays?
Someone asked_________________________.

5 How much does a new car cost?
I'd like to know________________________ .

7 Report these statements using the verb in the correct form.

1 'I won't stop for lunch,' said Janet.
Janet said that she______________ for lunch.

2 'Tom has been working in the garden all morning,' said Emma.
Emma told me that Tom______________ in the garden all morning.

3 'Lucy and her friend will come on Tuesday,' replied Sally.
Sally replied that Lucy and her friend______________on Tuesday.

4 'The tickets are sold out for the concert,' the man said.
The man said that the tickets_______________ for the concert.

5 'I will have been working for the company for ten years on Monday,' said Sylvia.
Sylvia said that on Monday she _______________for the company for ten years.


8 Look at the text in Task 1 on the previous page again. Write a summary (120-150 words) of the most important points in the text. Start your summary, 'Sally's dilemma is that ... .

Х rephrase the text using your own words as far as possible
Х use adjectives, adverbs, links words and adverb clauses to shorten or combine information
Х don't add your own personal views


Discussion: divided loyalties

Preparation time: 1 minute. Work in pairs

You have 2-3 minutes each to discuss situations in which there are divided loyalties; for example, having to choose between friends, or deciding which career path to take. These may be based on your own experience, or you can describe a book, film or play you know.

Here are some points you could mention:
Х description of the characters involved
Х description of their dilemma
Х how the situation is or could be resolved

Test 10 Answers

1 1F 2F 3T 4T 5F 6T
2 1 get out of 2 split up 3 to talk over 4 sign up
5 was kitted out 6 let go
3 1d 2e 3f 4b 5a 6c
4 1a 2d 3b 4d 5d 6c 7b
5 1 Have you finished your packing yet?
2 You must tidy your room before lunch
3 Don't touch the objects
4 I'll bring your coffees to your table
5 I'm trying very hard to get tickets for you
1 what time lunch is?
2 where the US President lived.
3 what kind of food Lee likes?
4 where students usually worked in their summer holidays.
5 how much a new car costs.
1 wouldn't stop 2 had been working 3 would come
4 were sold out 5 would have been working