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Matrix Upper-Intermediate Tests
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Test 5


1 Read the following extracts from the diary of Ellen MacArthur, the youngest person to sail single-handed around the world. Match headings a-g with paragraphs 1-6. There is one heading you do not need.

Ellen's race diary

Day 30 1_________
I awoke with a start from a short nap. I looked out of the window in the cabin and there it was - an iceberg right by the boat. Within seconds I was on deck, and the yacht and I passed within 15-20 metres of the berg, actually sailing through the white water next to it. All I could think of was what would have happened it I had hit it. The radar was alarmed, but as is sometimes the case, the berg was invisible to radar, even when I was right next to it.

Day 53 2__________
I feel quite low now... this is the hardest part for me - putting us in the right place. The worry, the constant fretting, the hours spent staring at a computer screen analysing and reanalysing till you are blue in the face. I guess this is what I lack - the experience of making this kind of decision and standing by it.

Day 66 3___________
I feel overwhelmed. The stress and difficulties of the last few days are melting away and I feel emotional as I approach Cape Horn. The second time for my boat Kingfisher and me together. It's a great symbol for the two of us personally, as the very first time I was ever alone on her was just a few miles from this famous rock.

Day 80 4____________
I've been hand steering all night, the wind indicator wasn't working properly ... I've been preparing mentally for another climb. I'm tired, but now it's light I have to go and sort it out... [Later] I'm totally exhausted, my leg is black from the bruises. Once I got to the top a rainstorm came over. The wind was all over the place. I just want to cry.

Day 83 5___________
I'm still kicking myself for my mistake three days ago when I fell asleep after climbing the mast, and let the boat head further east. I wanted to be west, but that moment of fatigue lost me that advantage. I can't help thinking where I would be if I'd held that more westerly position.

Day 94 6__________
The wind has switched more south-west so I'm sailing at a good speed. I look at the repair of the sail and pray - I'm surprised that it has lasted this long. I had the weirdest dream last night: we were all doing the race on bicycles! Don't ask me what I'm doing after this race ...

Ellen eventually finished the 2000 Vendee Globe race in second place.


2 Choose the best answer, a, b or c, to complete the sentences.

1 After getting up at 4 a.m. two days running, I was absolutely _________on the third day. 2 If you_________all the time you spend watching TV each week, I'm sure you will be surprised how much it is. 3 Funnily_________, my sister and I have chosen the same present for my mother's birthday. 4 The pop star has a group of_________fans who go to every concert he gives. 5 Learning an instrument is not just a _________ of liking music - you have to be prepared to practise as well. 6 Lisa was really upset when she________with her boyfriend. 7 On Fridays, Jackie________her brother from school. 8 If I complain to the manager about this meal, will you ___________ 9 After Sue had been waiting for over an hour, her irritation ___________to anger. 10 My friend has___________nationality: she's British and American.

3 Complete the sentences with one of these phrasal verbs in the correct form.

come about Х run over Х break down Х set 1 My little sister loves___________ clothes.

2 The idea of celebrating together in my party when we realised that our birthdays were on the same day.

3 If you want to finish decorating your room today, you'll have to______________straight away.

4 After days of wondering what to give Nick as a present, Ben______________the idea of a ticket to a pop concert.

5 According to the advertisement, the factory is ______________ five new employees.

6 My friend and I want______________an Internet site about national pop groups.

7 I'm sorry but I'm going to be late as the car has

8 The cat was nearly ____________ but luckily the driver stopped just in time.

9 When burglars______________Simon's house, they stole alt his mother's jewellery.


4 Complete the sentences using one of the following adverbs.

I decided to enter for a half-marathon race 1______________I wanted to set myself a challenge. 2______________ I had never done a lot of running before, I had always enjoyed keeping fit. I got up an hour earlier every day 3______________I could run before leaving for work. Soon it took over my life. I even found I was thinking about running 4_____________I was supposed to be working. Immediately 5______________ the race was over, I said I'd never do it again. That was six months ago. Now I'm training for another one, and want to do a full marathon next year, 6______________I'm fit enough. I'm really glad I took up running again. 7______________ I started training, I've not only made new friends but I feel so much better about myself.

5 Complete the sentences using the correct form of the verbs below.

I 1___________a really exciting programme on the TV when suddenly there 2____________a power cut. As soon as I 3____________ what had happened, I 4___________my friend to ask her if I could come over. However, her mother 5____________me that my friend 6____________ to her sister's house, as she also wanted to see the end of the programme. When I finally spoke to my friend later that day, she told me that she 7_____________ the end of the programme as well, as her sister 8_____________something on the other channel, and did not want to switch over!


6 Write an argument (200-250 words) for and against one of the following statements:

1 The use of private cars in towns and cities should be banned.

2 Wild animals should not be kept in zoos.

Remember to:

Х write a short introduction
Х write paragraph(s) 'for' the title
Х write paragraph(s) 'against' the title
Х summarise your own views
Х link your ideas appropriately
Х use an appropriate style


Giving a short presentation

Preparation time: as homework

You have about 2 minutes to present on the topic:

A person that I admire, and why.

Here are some points you could mention:
Х occupation
Х character
Х achievements

Test 5 Answers

1 1c 2f 3a 4g 5b 6d
2 1a 2c 3b 4b 5a 6c 7b 8c 9a 10 b
3 1 dressing up / to dress up 2 came about 3 get cracking
4 hit on 5 taking on 6 to set up 7 broken down
8 run over 9 broke into
4 1 because 2 Although 3 so that 4 while 5 after
6 if 7 Since
5 1 was watching 2 was 3 realised 4 phoned 5 told
6 had gone 7 had missed 8 had been watching