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Matrix Upper-Intermediate Tests

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Test 8


1 Read the following text about the future of work and match headings a-f to paragraphs 1-6. There is one heading you do not need.

a New industries
b The benefits for companies
c Potential for re-training
d The way things were
e Improved lifestyles
g Not everyone's a winner
f Working for yourself

A job for life?

By 2020 whole careers will be wiped out and new ones created in a wave of technology. Make sure you can survive.

1 _____
Until recently in the UK, new employees would be sat down by an older colleague and quietly told the likely course of their career over a cup of tea. Junior Management might be followed by a spell abroad, an executive position and eventual retirement with a gold watch and pension. No longer. In the next 15-20 years new technologies will have as great an impact on the way we work as industrial changes in the nineteenth century had on our forefathers.

2 _____
The changes have already started. In the early 1890s, about 60% of jobs in the UK fell into three categories: farming, manufacturing and mining. In 2000 it was less than 15%. Staff who would previously have worked in manufacturing are now joining the new service economy and the world of information technology (IT) , and by 2015 it is estimated that as many as 95% of jobs will require people with IT skills.

3 ______
The first evidence of these changes is already clear. Fewer workers are needed to produce goods and services. Robots are starting to have a major impact in the workplace. In the future, more and more people will choose to become self-employed, working through the Internet, and selling skills in the marketplace.

4 _______
According to one expert, 'Flexible working represents the future of work'. People working in areas such as sales, engineering and consultancy will be freed from the constraints of time and location. For workers this should mean less time travelling to work, more leisure time, a better match between work and family, reduction in stress and financial savings.

5 _______
Employers will gain too, saving office space and increasing efficiency. British Gas moved 5000 of its service engineers to teleworking in 1996, enabling the company to close 440 depots and offices. Engineers now keep in touch via laptops and mobile phones. According to a manager, there has been a noticeable increase in efficiency.

6 _______
But while those who move quickly to adapt will see rewards, many fear that there will be a growing gap between those who are technologically literate and those who are not, the 'information rich' and the 'information poor'. So one way to ensure your future is to choose a career in an industry likely to boom, such as engineering, entertainment, or computing.


2 Choose the best answer, a, b, c or d, to complete the sentence

1 People who want to succeed in their chosen careers will have to plan carefully in order to______ the changes in the world of work. 2 All the_____in the company decided to write to the manager asking for a pay rise. 3 The company is moving its headquarters to a new _____with better links to the airport 4 I am hoping that if I get enough experience in the sales team, for my next job I'll be able to apply for a post as a sales______. 5 As many jobs today require people who are computer-_____, I'd advise you to do a course to improve your skills.

3 Fill in the gaps with these words.

Dear Sir or Madam, I would like to apply for the job 1_____ activities organiser in your summer camps for children. I am a university student 2_____three younger brothers, so I am used to living among young people! Last summer I worked as an activities organiser in a summer camp which had children from all 3_____the world and I was told that I had a real aptitude 4_____working with children. I am interested 5_____all kinds of sport, and I have taught swimming. When I finish university, I want to train to be a physical education teacher. I will be available in July and August. It is possible that I might be able to work in September as well, and I will be able to tell you for certain 6_____the end of May. I will be going back 7_____university 8_____April 1st. I would be happy to come and see you before then if necessary. I enclose my CV and I look forward 9______hearing 10______you.

4 Complete the sentences with one of the phrasal verbs in the correct form.

1 'I just wish that...', her voice______________.

2 The houses______________as we sped down the street.

3 When I practised my talk, it only lasted about seven minutes, but I'll try and_____it______to ten minutes.

4 Michael's too tired to go out tonight, he's _____________to watch TV.


5 Put the verbs in brackets in the future simple or the future perfect.

Experts agree that in future, travel 1______________ (increase). By 2020, the number of people travelling abroad for business or pleasure 2______________(double). Experts predict that by 2007, China 3______________(become) the most popular destination for tourists. Millions 4______________(book) holidays via the Internet. By 2017, the numbers of people travelling by air 5_________ (rise) from 1.6 billion in 1997 to five billion.

6 Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verb in brackets using willor going to.

7 Circle the correct future form to complete the sentences.

1 Just think, this time next week, I'll be lying / I'll lie on the beach doing nothing! 2 According to the experts, changes in the weather will threaten / I will be threatening the survival of many birds. 3 James is on the phone for Mark. You'd better go and wake him. He'll be sleeping / He'll sleep until lunch otherwise! 4 Please don't come round till Sunday. I'll be writing / I I'll write my essay all day Saturday. 5 I don't feel very well - I'll go / I'll be going home after this lesson.


We have vacancies in the Goodfoods chain of health shops for bright energetic staff for a variety of jobs including serving customers and stacking shelves. Enthusiasm and interest in healthier lifestyles essential! Would suit students wanting to earn some extra money.
Send CV and personal statement.

Write a personal statement (200-250 words) to send to Goodfoods.

Remember to:
Х give details of your main interests
Х give details of your work experience
Х show how your interests and work experience could relate to the job
Х describe your character and abilities
Х use appropriate formal language


Discussion: our future

Preparation time: 2 minutes. Work in groups of 3 or 4. You have 3-4 minutes to discuss how you see your own future in
Х 5 years
Х 10 years
Х 20 years

Here are some points you could mention:
Х where you might be living
Х what you might be doing
Х what life might be like
Х what you would most like to achieve
Х what worries you most about the future

Test 8 Answers

1 1d 2a 3f 4e 5b 6g
2 1 b 2a 3b 4 d 5c
3 1 of 2 with 3 around 4 for 5 in 6 at / by 7 to
8 on 9 to 10 from
4 1 trailed off 2 rushed by 3 stretch it out 4 staying in
5 1 will increase 2 will have doubled 3 will have become
4 will book 5 will have risen
6 1 I'm going to have 2 Leo's going to stay 3 I'll cook
4 I'll go 5 Tom isn't going to go
7 1 I'll be lying 2 will threaten 3 He'll sleep
4 I'll be writing 5 I'll go

Test 8 Answers

1 1d 2a 3f 4e 5b 6g
2 1 b 2a 3b 4 d 5c
3 1 of 2 with 3 around 4 for 5 in 6 at / by 7 to
8 on 9 to 10 from
4 1 trailed off 2 rushed by 3 stretch it out 4 staying in
5 1 will increase 2 will have doubled 3 will have become
4 will book 5 will have risen
6 1 I'm going to have 2 Leo's going to stay 3 I'll cook
4 I'll go 5 Tom isn't going to go
7 1 I'll be lying 2 will threaten 3 He'll sleep
4 I'll be writing 5 I'll go

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