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Matrix Upper-Intermediate Tests

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Test 3


1 Read the following text and match headings a-h with paragraphs 1-7. There is one heading you do not need.

Hungry for words

1 ______________
You'd better like photocopying. And faxing. And searching through half-filed, old copies of the Boxwood News, or whatever, hunting for an article from 1983 about football. If you're considering a career in journalism, it's worth spending your holidays making coffee, answering telephones and taking notes for a local or national publication (unpaid, of course).

2 _______________
The idea occurred to me halfway through university, where everyone else was already muttering about becoming bankers. I sent off a handful of letters and managed to get a temporary job on a fashion magazine. While my friends were earning extra money working in bars, I was sleeping on a friend's floor in London, trying to look like a professional journalist.

3 ________________
My first experience of professional journalism did not go smoothly. During my first week at the magazine, I spent most of my time covered in photocopying ink, mastering (slowly) the art of transferring telephone calls. I tried not to be scared by the pencil-thin fashion journalists, but would take the stairs so I could avoid standing next to them in the lift.

4 _____________
Back at university, I edited the student newspaper before I began to have doubts about whether this was really the career for me. I wasn't entirely sure I had the sort of toughness that journalists are supposed to possess. I didn't think I'd ever grasp shorthand. In short, I decided that it was a nasty business and I'd rather be a hairdresser.

5 _____________
Shortly after I'd telephoned a hairdressing school, I won an award which gave me some work experience on a national Sunday paper. It was a fantastic four weeks. Although it was yet more filing and photocopying, for the first time I felt that I was actually part of the publication; I sat in on meetings -I even interviewed a couple of fashion designers.

6 _______________
In September, I moved to my present job, and it's here I've been happiest. It's like any job - six months down the line I'm still finding out everyone's name, and how to use the computers, and where everything is. I even still feel nervous when I speak to my section editor!

7 ________________
It's different from student journalism. Deadlines are tougher, the need for accuracy greater. There are certainly jobs that pay better, offer longer holidays and more sociable hours. People write and complain and it's still the most mortifying thing in the world to know you've got your facts wrong and let everyone down. But it's worth it. At least for me, it is.


2 Complete the sentences using one of the following verbs in the correct form.

1 Yesterday, thieves ___________ Sarah's handbag while she was out shopping.

2 Nobody believed that John got to the top of the mountain, but he had photos______________it.

3 The film star said she hated the way people used ______________at her when she went shopping.

4 Chris's hobby is fixing and______________old motorcycles.

5 jean ran all the way to the station and managed ______________onto the train just before it left.

6 If you want to do your best in these exams, you should ______________too many late nights.

7 The earthquake______________the city unexpectedly and many people were killed.

3 Choose the best answer, a, b or c, for each gap.

1 When we arrived at the training course, we were to different groups. 2 The speaker ______________ that children should read rather than watch TV. 3 My teacher ______________ me to enter the singing competition, didn't think I was nearly good enough. 4 Nathan was______________to go on an expedition through the jungle. 5 Suzy was chosen to______________ her school at the national youth festival. 6 The principle of free medical care for everyone was ____________in Britain in 1948. 7 The writer's house_____________a fascinating collection of old photographs. 8 The second part of the lesson was ____________ to practising the language in pairs. 9 After spending a whole weekend working on his motorcycle, Sam felt he had______ a great deal. 10 The crowds_____hours before the pop concert began so they could get the best view of the stage. 11 There are __________ differences between the two political parties.

6 Complete the sentences using the phrases below.


4 Complete the sentences with a relative pronoun.

1 The friend ___________ party I'm going to is eighteen tomorrow.

2 This detective story, ____________ is set in Florence, is really exciting.

3 The person____________answered the phone wasn't the person I was looking for.

4 The house___________Dominic is living has a big garden.

5 Sarah told me all about the play,___________ she said was fantastic.

5 There is a mistake in each of these sentences. Circle the mistake and write the correct sentence underneath.

1 This is the coat what Suzy bought last week.

2 That is the person where I want to teach me the violin.

3 Is this the cinema who you were trying to find?

4 I don't know which shoes these are - do they belong to you?

5 Laura agreed with everything who you suggested.

6 Complete the sentences using the phrases below.

1 ___________Charlie, everyone else in his family loves chocolate.

2 We had sun, sea and wonderful food on holiday; _____________ we had a great time.

3 The world is at real risk from global warming, _________the experts.

4 I know you don't like Mark; __________I think you should accept his invitation to dinner.

5 I have to say that it was _____________the worst film I've ever seen.


7 Write an article (200-250 words) for a national student magazine entitled:
The need for the Internet in schools.

Here are some points you could mention:
Х current situation in your school
Х why the Internet is (not) important
Х financial issues, e.g. paying for computers and Internet access
Х dealing with problems of misuse


Giving a short presentation: TV
Preparation time: as homework.
You are going to give a short presentation for about 2 minutes on the topic:
What I like and dislike on television and why.

Here are some points you could mention:
Х types of programmes
Х channels

Х commercials
Х what time the programmes are broadcast
Х improvements

Test 3 Answers

1 1d 2h 3b 4a 5g 6f 7e
2 1 grabbed 2 to prove 3 to stare 4 maintaining
5 to leap 6 avoid 7 struck
3 1a 2b 3a 4c 5a 6c 7c 8b 9a 10 b 11 c
4 1 whose 2 which 3 who / that 4 where 5 which
5 1 This is the coat (which / that) Suzy bought last week
2 That is the person (who / whom) I want to teach me the violin.
3 Is this the cinema (which / that) you were trying to find?
4 I don't know whose shoes these are - do they belong to you?
5 Laura agreed with everything (which / that) you suggested
6 1 Apart from 2 all in all 3 according to
4 nevertheless 5 without doubt