Выполненные сложные задания по английскому языку

Справочник по английской грамматике

Передайте следующие предложения в косвенной речи.

Last night I was called to the telephone.

1. An unfamiliar voice said: "Is that Dmitri speaking? "
    An unfamiliar voice asked if it was Dmitri speaking. "
2. "My name is Pavlov."
    He introduced himself as Pavlov.
3. "I have come from Moscow today."
    He told me that he had come from Moscow that day.
4. "I have brought some books for you from your friends."
    He said that he had brought some books for me from my friends.
5. "I am staying at the Grand Europe Hotel."
    He noticed that he was staying at the Grand Europe Hotel.
6. "Where can I see you?"
    He asked where he could see me.
7. "At what time should we meet?"
    He wanted to know at what time we should meet.
8. "Let's meet at the monument to Pushkin at 5 o'clock if it is convenient for you," I said.
    I suggested meeting at the monument to Pushkin at 5 o'clock if it was convenient for him.
9. "All right," he answered.
    He answered that it was all right.
10. "I shall be there."
    He added that he should be there.
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