Выполненные сложные задания по английскому языку
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Выполненные сложные задания по английскому языку

Справочник по английской грамматике

Письменно составьте к тексту 5 вопросов: общий, специальный, альтернативный, разделительный, вопрос к подлежащему.

Life on earth began some 200 million years ago, while the first man appeared less than a million years ago. This is how it happened. Highly developed apes (человекообразные обезьяны) lived wherever the climate was warm in different parts of Europe, Asia and Africa, and the man originated from these apes.
> The basic distinction of man from animal appeared when man made tools, very primitive ones at first. Once the simplest tools of labour were made, there arose a need among the primitive men to communicate in labour. Articulated speech (членораздельная речь) appeared. Labour and speech influenced the development of the brain. So, it was labour that created man himself.

1. When did life begin on Earth? - специальный
2. Did highly developed apes live in warm or cold climate? - альтернативный
3. Did articulated speech appear with the need to communicate in labour? - общий
4. What influenced the development of the brain? - вопрос к подлежащему
5. The man originated from these apes, aren't they? - разделительный

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