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A question tag is a short question at the end of a sentence, which we use to find out information or check information that we already have. This is how you form question tags:
Positive sentence - negative tag You will do it quickly, won't you?
Negative sentence - positive tag She isn't happy, is she?
Main verb - use 'do' We went to the party, didn't we?
Pronouns Yuki and Tomo are Japanese, aren't they?

Question tags are often used in spoken English. A rising intonation is used to show that the question is real, whereas a falling intonation shows that the speaker just wants confirmation from the person being spoken to.

Question Tags are formed in this way:

It is raining, isn't it?
This is a negative tag
(The tag is the part after the comma, ‘isn’t it’ )
It is not raining, is it?
This is a positive tag.

The most important thing to remember is that the auxiliary verb in the statement 'It is raining,..' must be changed to it's opposite form for the tag 'isnt, it?'

Here are a few examples of the opposite forms of auxillary verbs:

will→ won't
should →shouldn't
do →don't
have →haven't
does →doesn't
can→ can't
am→ aren't
are→ aren't
must →mustn't

Examples of positive tags

Your father doesn't work in a bank, does he?
They aren't from Spain, are they?
Penguins can't fly, can they?

Examples of negative tags

His name is Mike, isn't it?
You have finished, haven't you?
He will come, won't he?

Now add the missing tags to these questions

  • These aren't the T-shirts we're looking for,?
  • Peter should leave now,?
  • You haven't seen my i-pod, ?
  • They don't celebrate Christmas,?
  • I am the oldest person here,?
  • These questions are easy ?
  • We should get married?

Закончите разделительные вопросы и ответьте на них.

1) You didn't go anywhere, did you?
(согласие c говорящим) No, I didn't. I went nowhere.
(несогласие c говорящим) Yes, I did. I was at the sea this summer.

2) You stayed in your home town, didn't you?
(согласие) Yes, I did.
(несогласие) No, I didn't stay in my home town, I stayed in the country.

3) The weather was terrible in the summer, wasn't it?
(согласие) Yes, it was very hot.
(несогласие) No, it wasn't. The weather was warm and sunny.

4) It never rained in the summer, did it?
(согласие) No, it didn't.
(несогласие) Yes, it did. It rained in July a few days.

5) You often go boating, don't you?
(согласие) Yes, I do.
(несогласие) No, I don't. I never go boating.

6) Nobody went with you, did they?
(согласие) No, nobody did.
(несогласие) Yes, everybody went with us.

7) You didn't make sand castles on the beach, did you?
(согласие) No, I didn't.
(несогласие) Yes, I did. I made a lot of sand castles on the beach.

8) You had a lot of fun, didn't you?
(согласие) Yes, I had a lot of fun.
(несогласие) No, it was boring.

9) You couldn't go abroad, could you?
(согласие) No, I couldn't.
(несогласие) Yes, I could. I visited Spain this year.

10) Your parents were with you during the summer, weren't they?
(согласие) Yes, they were with me.
(несогласие) No, they weren't with me.

11) You weren't in the north of the country, were you?
(согласие) No, I wasn't. I was in the south of the country.
(несогласие) Yes, I was in the north of the country.

12) You didn't go to the forest much, did you?
(согласие) No, I didn't.
(несогласие) Yes, I did. I often went to the forest .

13) You saw a lot of interesting places, didn't you?
(согласие) Yes, I did. I saw a lot of interesting places.
(несогласие) No, I didn't see any interesting places.

14) You didn't write a diary, did you?
(согласие) No, I didn't.
(несогласие) Yes, I did. I wrote a diary.

15) You invited nobody to visit me, did you?
(согласие) No, I didn't.
(несогласие) Yes, I did. I invited your friends to see you.