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'The lottery can ruin people's lives.'

Do you agree?

Ever since the lottery was invented in 1520, people all around the world have dreamed about becoming suddenly rich. Some people argue that the lottery is a bad thing, because it encourages people to waste money on a dream that won't come true.

However other people claim the lottery is a good thing. It's fun and it can have a positive impact on at least a few people's lives.

First of all it is true that the lottery is exciting and entertaining. It could be you and if it isn't, it's always fascinating to see how the winner spends their money. They are able to change their lives, and make the lives of their friends and family a lot easier.

In addition in many lotteries, some of the profit is given to charity. So even if you don't win, you are helping someone indirectly.

On the other hand the lottery can have a negative effect on people. People might become addicted to gambling and obsessed with special 'lucky' numbers.

As a result they may get into debt so they can buy their tickets. And winning a million pounds doesn't guarantee happiness. A few winners complain that they have lost their friends or are bored because they no longer work. In my opinion these people have only themselves to blame.

To sum up it can be argued that the lottery does not ruin people's lives. It provides entertainment, helps to fund charities, and makes a few lucky people millionaires. That said, when people become addicted to gambling, then the lottery may have a negative impact. But we need to remember that it is only a game-people are able to choose whether they play it or not. Poets and pop stars The man who really founded NEW YORK Studying volcanoes: woman at work Why do people take up extreme sports? The lottery can ruin people's lives. Do you agree? Travelling 2,600 miles across America alone on a horse
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