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My holiday nightmare

A year ago I was backpacking in the Caribbean with my friend Matt. After we had spent a week in Honduras, we decided to go to the island of Utila. The 15-minute flight to the island was expensive, so we booked a 4-hour boat trip on the Caribbean Queen, a cargo boat carrying provisions to the islanders.

The Caribbean Queen was an old, broken-down boat. As we stepped on deck, I wondered if we had made the right decision. There were no other passengers, but it was too late to turn back. As soon as we had climbed on board, the blond, sun-tanned captain shouted orders, and we were off to Utila.

The sun shone brightly as we set out on our journey. However, an hour later the sea began to get rough. A storm was approaching and very soon waves were pouring over the deck. Suddenly there was a shout from below. The engine room was flooded! But before the crew could start pumping the seawater out, the engine stopped. The boat was in trouble and the crew were told to start throwing the cargo overboard. Matt was the first on his feet, throwing as many things as he could into the sea.

Meanwhile I was beginning to panic. I asked for a lifejacket, but I was told that there weren't any. Panic turned to fear and I started to cry.

Fortunately, after a few minutes, the pump started working again. The captain skilfully steered us through four hours of stormy weather, until we reached the calm harbour at Utila. There, as we walked off the Caribbean Queen, I promised myself that whatever the price, we were definitely flying back to Honduras.

B Answer these questions.

How does Sophie describe the boat?

How did she feel when she got on board?

Who else was on the boat?

What did the captain look like?

What was the weather like when they started their journey?

How did she react to the news about the lifejackets?

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