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Getting your Message Across If you could choose any job in the world, which would you like to do and why? My holiday nightmare THE IMPORTANCE OF THE INTERNET TO YOUNG PEOPLE GENERATION EXTREME
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1 The Internet at home and away from home.
Nowadays almost every teenager has access to the Internet. Most people surf the Internet on computers in their home. A few people go to cyber cafes. However, cyber cafes are mostly used by people who are travelling abroad. This is because it is cheaper to email family and friends than to make a phone call.

2 Why do people use the Internet?
Young people use the Internet for many different reasons, and most teenagers use it everyday. A lot of young people use the Internet at school to research information for homework and projects. Many also use it to email their friends.


Nearly all teenagers have visited Internet chat rooms. Many of them use chat rooms to meet new people and exchange news and information with their friends. Teen talk is one of the most well-known chat rooms in the UK.

Over 70% of teenagers use the Internet to visit official fan sites. Leonardo DiCaprio's official website is one of the most popular, along with football sites for teams such as Manchester United. A few young people actually create their own websites which they dedicate to their favourite film star or sports star.

Not many teenagers buy clothes on the Internet. At the moment, teenagers like getting sportswear from sports shops. However it has been predicted that Internet shopping will become more popular with young people in the future.

3 The future of the Internet.
This report suggests that people are using the Internet more and more, for everything from entertainment to research. Teenagers who have Internet access use it mostly to send emails or to visit fan sites and chat rooms. In the future, the Internet will be accessible not only on computers, but also on mobile phones. Young people will continue to use it more and more. Poets and pop stars The man who really founded NEW YORK Studying volcanoes: woman at work Why do people take up extreme sports? The lottery can ruin people's lives. Do you agree? Travelling 2,600 miles across America alone on a horse
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