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Why do people take up extreme sports?

In order to keep ourselves fit and healthy, we all need to do some exercise, or play a sport like football or tennis. But why do people take up extreme sports? It can't be for their health. 'People BASE jump and sky surf because it makes them feel alive.' say psychologists . 'They need to take risks to make their lives more exciting.'

Yet most people who play extreme sports are very calm. Whether they are jumping out of a plane, climbing up a rockface or holding their breath under 30 metres of water, they don't seem worried about making a fatal mistake. David Jones is a good example. Before a 216-metre bungee jump, David felt 'calm and peaceful'. 'I'm glad I made the decision to do the jump,' he said later. 'At one point I reached a speed of 190 kph, and I could see the trees rushing towards me. It was an incredible experience. '

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