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Общий список предлогов

Предлоги места Предлоги времени Предлоги направления и движения
in в at в to к, в
inside внутри in в, через into в
at у by к out of из
on на on в, по from от
in front of перед till до towards [to:dz] к
behind позади until до across через
between между since с along по, вдоль
beside рядом, возле for на, в течение up на, вверх
near около, вблизи between между down с, вниз
through [θru:] сквозь, через during во время onto на
against к, на before до off с
under под after после    
across через through с...по включительно    
round вокруг      
by у, около        
above над      

below ниже        
over над, за, через        

Упражнение 137. Вставьте предлоги on, in или into.

1. There are many people ... the park today.
2. There is a girl standing ... the bridge. Why is she crying? — She has dropped her doll ... the water.
3. There is no tea ... my cup.
4. Pour some tea ... my cup.
5. Put these flowers ... the windowsill.
6. I saw many people ... the platform waiting for the train.
7. We went ... the garden and sat down ... a bench.
8. The teacher hung a picture ... the blackboard.
9. I opened the door and went ... the classroom. The teacher was writing some words ... the blackboard. The pupils were writing these words ... their exercise books. There were some books and pens ... the teacher's table. There were two maps ... the wall and some flowers ... the windowsills. I saw a pen ... the floor. I picked it up and put it ... the table.
10. Не put his hand ... his pocket, took out a letter and dropped it ... the mailbox which hung ... the wall of the house. Then he got ... his car and drove off.
11. Where is the book? — It is ... the table.
12. Where is the tea? — It is ... the cup.
13. Put the plates ... the table.
14. Put the book ... the bag.
15. There is a beautiful picture ... the wall.
16. He went ... the room.
17. I like to sit ... the sofa ... my room.
18. Mother is cooking dinner ... the kitchen.
19. She went ... the room and sat down ... the sofa.

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