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Confusing words
What is the difference between say, tell, talk, and speak? How to choose the correct "confusing" word from the pair to complete the sentence. Как правильно выбрать нужное слово?

teach and learn : : hear and listen : : tell and talk : : say and speak : : do and make : : lay and lie : : home and house : : lend and borrow : : access and excess : : subject and object : : sink and lower : : rise and raise : : look and see

Say or speak?

say [sei]
1. v говорить, сказать
say over — повторять
2. n мнение, слово
speak ['spi:k]
говорить, разговаривать
speak out, speak up
а) говорить громко и отчётливо
б) высказываться откровенно

Проведите курсором по строчкам и часть слов исчезнет.
Попытайтесь восстановить предложения по памяти.

What did you say ? I can't hear you!
Что ты сказал? Я не слышу!

How many languages do you speak ?
Сколько языков Вы знаете? Дословно: На скольких языках Вы говорите?

Please, speak more slowly!
Пожалуйста, говорите медленнее.

He was shocked. He couldn't say a word.
Он был шокирован. Он не мог произнести ни слова.

Actions speak louder than words.
Дела (действия) говорят громче, чем слова.

The facts speak for themselves.
Факты говорят сами за себя.

Question: What is the difference between say, tell, talk, and speak?

Mainly, it’s in the objects that they take or don’t take and in the positions of the objects.

We say something (to someone).
We talk (to someone).
We speak a language.
We speak to someone (more formal than talk).
We speak at a conference or gathering (make a speech).
We tell someone something.
We tell (someone) the truth or a lie.

Someone - object (дополнение)

1) Can you tell me the way to the station, please?
2) He didn't say a word.
3) She said her name was Sue.
4) Let me tell you something about my hobbies.
5) Forget everything I just said.
6) Why didn't you tell him that before?
7) Why didn't you say that before?
8) They said nothing to me.
9) You don't need to tell us that.
10) What did Eric say when he saw the new bike?