Do or make? Do me a favour. Don't make noise.

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Confusing words. Right word vs Wrong word. Правильно выбираем слова.

Омографы, омонимы, омофоны в английском языке
Полная таблица английских омофонов
Пожалуйста, не путайте!

teach and learn : : hear and listen : : tell and talk : : say and speak : : do and make : : lay and lie : : home and house : : lend and borrow : : job and work : : access and excess : : subject and object : : sink and lower : : rise and raise : : look and see

Misspelled and Misused Words

It is easier for readers to take a piece of writing more seriously when the spelling and grammar are correct.

>Always use a spell checker
>Always proofread to make sure you use the correct form of a word

Why The Word Confusion?

When people try to translate spoken ideas into writing, it is often hard to remember correct grammar.

Also, people hear incorrect grammar used so often that correct grammar might sound odd or even wrong.

Homonyms can present an especially difficult problem because they sound alike, but the different spellings mean different things.

To (preposition)— function word to indicate direction toward - предлог направления движения;

Too (adverb)— also, to an excessive extent - также, тоже; слишком, излишне;

Two (noun)— the number between one and three - цифра "два"

Changing one letter in a word could alter the whole meaning of a sentence.

Pray (verb)— to make a request in a humble manner; to address a god

Prey (verb)— to have an injurious or destructive effect (noun)— victim

Why Write Correctly?

Knowing which word to use or how to write a phrase correctly can make a big difference in your writing.

How to Write Correctly

Become familiar with words you misuse or words that cause you confusion. Take the time to research a word and use its correct form.