Just me

Eight pink fingers standing up tall,
Two little ears to head mummy call;
One little nose that I can blow,
Ten pink toes all in a row.
Two little thumbs that wiggle up and down;
Two little feet to stamp on the ground;
Hands to clap and eyes to see,
What fun it is to be just me!

I like

I like comics, I like hats.
I like biscuits, trees and cats.
I don't like spider, I don't like cheese.
I don't like rats or big yellow bees.

What Are Little Boys Made of?

What are little boys made of?
What are little boys made of?
Frogs and snails,
And puppy-dogs' tails;
That's what little boys are made of.
What are little girls made of?
What are little girls made of?
Sugar and spice,
and all that's nice;
That's what little girls are made of.

I like To Skip

I like to skip,
I like to jump,
I like to run about,
I like to play,
I like to sing,
I like to laugh and shout.


Monday's child is nice and slow
Tuesday's child is go, go, go
Wednesday's child is very funny
Thursday's child is happy and sunny
Friday's child is like a king
Saturday's child can dance and sing
Sunday's child can stand on her head
And count the ghosts under her bed!

My House

Let's go to my house.
Let's go today.
I'll show you all the rooms
Where we work and play.
Here is the kitchen
Where Mother cooks for me.
Here is the living room
Where I watch TV.
Here is the dining room.
We eat here every day.
And this room is my room
Where I sleep and play.

The Toy Shop

I can see balls and bats and cars.
I can see boats and planes.
I can see carts, skipping ropes, dolls.
I can see ships and trains.
I can see games and tops and lorries.
I can see bear and bikes.
I can see swings and slides and skates.
I can see drums and kites.
Of all the toys I can see,
I want one for me!

Can You Tell Me

Can you tell me,
Can you tell me,
What little boys do?
They run and jump.
They run and jump,
So I will jump too.
Can you tell me,
Can you tell me,
What little girls do?
They dance and skip,
They dance and skip,
So I will skip too.
Can you tell me,
Can you tell me,
What little soldiers do?
They fight and march,
They fight and march,
So I will march too.
Can you tell me,
Can you tell me,
What little babies do?
They eat and sleep,
They eat and sleep,
So I will sleep too.

Nursery Rhyme :: An action rhyme

Raise your hands above your head,
Clap them one, two, three,
Rest them now upon your hips,
Slowly bend your knees.
Up again and stand up tall,
Put your right foot out;
Shake your fingers.
Nod your head
And twist yourself about.

Nursery Rhyme :: Teapot

I am a teapot
Short and stout;
This is my handle
And this is my spout.
When the water's boiling
Hear me shout;
Just lift me up
And pour me out.

Nursery Rhyme :: Vegetables

Tomatoes and Carrots
Cabbage and Beans
Look so yummy
All red and green.
So little children
Eat them everyday
To make you grow
Strong and smart.

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