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    Be ready to answer the following questions on the topic. Use some of the answers in composing your own topic.
    1. What kind of people do you like? Describe their characters. Do you like people who are calm, friendly, funny, interesting, kind? Or do you prefer to mix with people who are loud, outgoing, centre of attention, active and adventurous?
    2. What kind of people do you dislike? Have you met people who are aggressive, always ready to argue and fight, or moody, often get annoyed even when there is no reason to feel like this? Have you met someone who is snobbish and conceited, too proud of his achievements? How did you behave with such реорle?
    3. Describe a favourite member of your family. What are his best characteristics that you admire?
    4. What qualities do you most appreciate about your friend? Is he cheerful, energetic, helpful, loyal and generous? Has he got a sense of humour?
    5. Who was the most sociable and popular person in your class? Who was always saying clever and amusing things?
    6. What teacher did you respect most of all? What qualities did you admire in him or her?
    7. Who of your friends or relatives can always cheer you up if you are depressed? How does he/she do it?
    8. What eccentric people do you know? What things have they done which make them seem eccentric to you?
    9. Does any of your friends or of your family have any strange or special habits? Tell us about them.
    10. Try to think of one of your classmates who are hard-working, dedicating a lot of time and energy to studies.
    11. Tell a partner whether your friend is reliable, can be trusted and will never let you down. Give examples of his behaviour.
    12. Think of the people you have met with characteristics opposite to "kind, optimistic, patient, modest". Give examples of their behaviour.
    13. Were you a naughty child? Were your parents strict to you?
    14. Do you believe that the "signs of zodiac" have an effect on people's character? What sign were you born under? What are characteristics of this sign?
    15. Do you know people with the sign of "Taurus" born between 20 April and 20 May? Are they calm and patient, sometimes materialistic?
      • Are "Scorpions" born between 23 October and 21 November passionate, but sometimes cruel?
      • What about ''Gemini" born between 21 May and 20 June? Have you noticed that they are very witty but tend to be a little impatient?
      • Are "Capricons" born between 22 December and 19 January, sensible, organised but sometimes conceited?
      • Have you ever noticed that "Cancers" (22nd June — 22nd July) seem strong and selfish, but really they are soft and sensitive.
      • Do people like "Libras" (23rd September — 23rd October) because they always say nice things? They hate fighting and want everyone to be happy but it is difficult for them to make decisions.
    16. What famous person impressed you with his personality? Describe his character.
    17. If a person finds it difficult to be alone, always wants to be the centre of attention, he is extroverted. If he is shy, lacks self-confidence, spends much time worrying about things, he is introverted. What about you? To which category do you refer yourself?

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