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Основные арифметические выражения, формулы, уравнения
и правила их чтения на английском языке.

( ) round brackets; parentheses
{ } curly brackets; braces
[ ] square brackets; brackets
a = b
a equals b; or a is equal to b
a ≠ b
a is not equal to b
a > b
a is greater than b
a2 > ad
a second is greater than a dth
b < a
b is less than a
a >> b a is substantially greater than b
a ≥ b
a is greater than or equal to b
x trends to infinity
a vector ; the mean volume of a
the first derivative
the second derivative
nine thousand five hundred and ten
32 + 8 = 40
thirty-two plus eight is (are) forty;
or, thirty-two plus eight equals forty;
or, thirty-two plus eight is equal to forty;
or, eight added to thirty-two makes forty
20 - 5 = 15
twenty minus five is fifteen;
or, twenty minus five is equal to (equals) fifteen;
or, twenty minus five leaves fifteen;
or, five from twenty is (leaves) fifteen
a plus or minus b
1 × 1 = 1
once one is one
2 × 2 = 4
twice two is (equals) four;
or, twice two makes four
6 × 10 = 60
six multiplied by ten equals sixty;
or, six multiplied by ten is (equal to) sixty;
or, six times ten is sixty
work = force × distance
work is (equal' to) the product of the force multiplied by the distance;
or, work is (equal to) the product of force times the distance
12 : 3 = 4
twelve divided by three equals (is) four
a (one) half
a (one) third
four and a half
eight and three-quarters
0.6 or .6
point six
five point thirty-four;
or, five point three four
two point nought one;
or two point o [ou] one
point nought nought seven;
or, point two oes [ouz] seven
240 kilometers pro 4 hours
8 : 4 = 2
the ratio of eight to four is two.
20 : 5 = 16 : 4 or
the ratio of twenty to five equals (is equal to) the ratio of sixteen to four;
or, twenty is to five as sixteen is to four
twenty degrees
six minutes; also, six f eet
ten seconds; also, ten inches
a prime
a second prime;
or a double prime;
or a twice dashed
a´´´ a triple prime
nine square,
or, the square of nine
or, nine to the second power
six cubed;
or, six to the third (power)
c [si:] to the eighteenth (power)
a [ei] to the minus tenth (power)
the square root (out) of four is (equals) two
the square root of a
the cube root of a
the fifth root of a square
a plus b all squared
L equals the square root (out) of R
square plus x square
x plus square root of x square minus y square all over y
the tenth root (out) of a square plus b square
square root out of F first plus A divided by two xd th twice dashed (or double prime)
a to the m/n th power equals the nth root out of a to the mth (power)
dz over dx
y is a function of x
partial d two z over partial dx plus partial d two z over partial dy equals zero
indefinite integral of dx (divided) by the square root out of a2 minus x2
integral from zero to µ (mu)
d (divided) by dx (or d over dx) of the integral from x nought to x of X large dx
4c plus W second plus 2 m first a prime plus R ath equals thirty-three and one-third
V equals u square root of sine square i minus cosine square i equals u
tangent r equals tangent i divided by l
the logarithm of two equals zero point three o[ou] one
a is equal to the logarithm of d to the base c
u is equal to the integral of f sub one of x multiplied by dx plus the integral of f sub two of y multiplied by dy
K is equal to the maximum over j of the sum from i equals one to i equals n of the modulus of aij of t , where t lies in the closed interval ab and where j runs from one to n
A vmax is equal to one half mu by r pth omega L second omega L first (divided) by square root out of R second round brackets opened R first plus omega square L first square by r pth round brackets closed
Av is equal to mu omega m omega square L square (divided) by r pth square brackets opened omega square m square plus R second round brackets opened R first plus omega square L square (divided) by r pth round and square brackets closed
Справочник по английскому языку (для начинающих)
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Как сказать свой возраст по-английски?
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Приветствия ~ Приглашение ~ Вопросительные слова
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