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мапеластик This week, we're looking at simple passives - are they as simple as we would like them to be?

There are three main elements to a simple passive sentence:
1. the 'passive subject',
2. the verb 'to be'
3. and the past participle of the verb.

Present simple

passive subject 'to be' past participle  
Paper is made from wood
Tigers are found in India

Past simple

passive subject 'to be' past participle  
The bridge was opened in 1977
The pyramids were built by the Egyptians

Упражнения по переводу страдательного залога с ответами.
Страдательный залог в деловой лексике.
Simple Passive
Continuous Passive
Active and Passive Subject
Я пригласил. I invited.
Меня пригласили. I (not me) was invited.
Вы помогаете. You help.
Вам помогают. You ( also you) are helped.
Он спросил. He asked.
Его спросили. He (not him) was asked.
Она ответит. She will answer .
Ей ответят. She (not her) will be answered.
Мы рассказали. We told.
Нам рассказали. We (not us) were told.
Мы восхищаемся. We admire.
Нами восхищаются. We ( not us) are admired.
Они поправили. They corrected.
Их поправили. They (not them) were corrected.
Они управляют. They rule.
Ими управляют. They (not them) are ruled.