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Admissions Essay for Entrance to Theatre Institute

I have always loved acting. The sensation of performing is unrivaled; nothing beats the interaction of a performer and an audience forming a bond and believing in the story being told on stage before them. The reason I’m so enthusiastic about performing is because it’s such an amazing art form; just the concept of it — being able to embody the art and make people think and feel in new and different ways — is incredible.

theatre theatretheatre

It is precisely this passion, not only for performing but for theatre as a whole, that makes me want to attend the University Theatre Institute.

What I’d like to gain from this experience is to hone my performing abilities and test myself in an intensive theatre environment. Simply to be surrounded by a group of performers, who are as dedicated and enthusiastic about theatre as I am, would be an amazing experience in and of itself. An environment in which I could work with other strong performers in a scene or play would be one in which I could thrive and do my best work.

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