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Герундий. The Gerund

Свойства герундия.
  • Герундий
  • Причастие, герундий и отглагольное существительное
    Список глаголов, после которых в качестве прямого дополнения употребляется инфинитив или герундий
    Деловая лексика

  • Переведите на русский язык, обращая внимание на герундий.

    1. Repairing cars is his business.
    2. It goes without saying .
    3. Living in little stuffy rooms means breathing poisonous air.
    4. Iron is found by digging in the earth.
    5. There are two ways of getting sugar: one from beet and the other from sugarcane.
    6. Jane Eyre was fond of reading.
    7. Miss Trotwood was in the habit of asking Mr. Dick his opinion.
    8. Have you finished writing?
    9. Taking a cold shower in the morning is very useful.
    10. I like skiing, but my sister prefers skating.
    11. She likes sitting in the sun.
    12. It looks like raining.
    13. My watch wants repairing.
    14. Thank you for coming.
    15. I had no hope of getting an answer before the end of the month.
    16. I had the pleasure of dancing with her the whole evening.
    17. Let's go boating.
    18. He talked without stopping.
    19. Some people can walk all day without feeling tired.