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Unit 4 Small beginnings


6 The future

Look at this interview with an architect. Choose the correct alternative for 1-15.

Presenter What will cities be like in the future? Will there be super skyscrapers and flying cars? Will there be factories and industry? In the twentieth century, cities were dirty, overcrowded places. But according to experts, things are beginning to change.

Dr Barton In the future, cities are going to be pleasant places to live. This change is starting to happen today. There is less pollution because of environmentally-friendly transport, and more green spaces.

Presenter Will this be the only difference?

Dr Barton No, it won't. There will also be a change in the type of buildings we see.

Presenter Such as?

Dr Barton Well, in the past, cities like New York were models for architects. But nowadays, it's not office blocks and skyscrapers that are important, but buildings which provide entertainment and leisure facilities. The future city will be more like Las Vegas than Manhattan.

Presenter Why is that?

Dr Barton In the future people are going to have more free time and more money. As a result, cities will become more and more like pleasure zones.

Presenter So there'll be more to see and do?

Dr Barton That's right, and more to buy. The entertainment parks will have lots of shops in them. And shopping centres will look like entertainment parks.

Presenter Is there anything like this in cities today?

Dr Barton Actually yes. If you visit central London, you will see Segaworld. It's a new indoor entertainment park - the biggest in Europe - and it has simulators, virtual reality games and video games.

Presenter Sounds like fun!

Dr Barton Yes, it does. And that's what future cities are all about!

7 Error correction

Correct the mistakes in sentences 1-10

1 If you will go to London, visit Segaworld.

1 If you go to London, visit Segaworld. - correct

2 Greg plays a computer game at the moment.

2 Greg is playing a computer game at the moment. - correct

3 A Has Amy decided what to do next year?-

В Yes, she has. She'll study American history

В Yes, she has. She is going to study American history -correct

4 I promise I come to the party this weekend.

4 I promise I'll come to the party this weekend - correct

5 A When do they move to New York?

5 A When are they moving to New York? - correct

В Next month, I think -

6 A Are you helping me solve this problem?

6 Will you help me solve this problem? - correct

В No, I don't. I'm too busy.

B No, I won't. I'm too busy - correct

7 Don't tell lies if they will ask you about your exam results.

7 Don't tell lies if they ask you about your exam results. - correct

8 When Mike is arriving, tell him I'm here.

8 When Mike arrives, tell him I'm here. - correct

9 A Does Luke go to the football match?

9 Is Luke going to the football match? - correct

В No, he doesn't. He hasn't bought a ticket. -

B No, he isn't. He hasn't bought a ticket. - correct

10 Look out! You're falling over if you're not careful! -

10 Look out! You'll fall over if you're not careful! - correct

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