Unit 78. All / all of, no / none of, most / most of, etc.

all no/none some any much/many most little/few each half

You can use these words (except none and half) with a noun:

  • All cars have wheels.

  • I have no money.

  • Some people are very unfriendly.

  • Did you put any salt in the soup?

  • Hurry! We have very little time.

  • Study each sentence carefully. Be careful with most:

  • Most tourists do not visit this part of the town, (not most of tourists, not the most tourists)

  • George is much richer than most people.

    You can also use these words (except no) alone, without a noun:

  • “I need some money. Do you have any?” “Yes, but not much.”

  • “How many cigarettes do you have?” “None.”

  • Most people like Tom, but some don’t. We usually say each one instead of each alone:

  • There were three boxes on the table. Each one was a different color. For all see Unit 83a.

    You can also use these words (except no)with of…. So you can say some of the people, all of these cars, none of my money, etc.

    When you use these words with of, you need the/this/that/these/those/my/your/his, etc. You cannot say “some of people,” “all of cars.” You must say: “some of the people,” “all of these cars,” etc.:

  • Some of the people at the party were very friendly.

  • Most of my friends live in Montreal.

  • None of this money is mine.

  • Each of the rooms in the hotel has its own bathroom.

  • I haven’t read many of these books. With all and half we usually leave out of:

    all my friends (= all of my friends)

    half the money (= half of the money) (not the half)

    After all of / none of, etc., you can also use it/us/you/them

  • “How many of these people do you know?” “None of them.”

  • Do any of you want to come to a party tonight?

  • “Do you like this music?” “Some of it. Not all of it.”
    You must say “all of” and “half of” before it/us/you/them:

    all of us (not “all us”) half of them (not “half them”) For no and none see Unit 81b. For more information about the words in this unit see Units 79 -83

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