Unit 79. Both/both of, neither / neither of, either / either of

We use both, neither, and either when we are talking about two things. You can use these words with a noun:

  • Both restaurants are very good, (not the both restaurants)

  • Neither restaurant is expensive.

  • We can go to either restaurant. I don’t care, (either = one or the other; it doesn’t matter which one)

  • I didn’t like either restaurant, (not the one or the other)

    You can also use both/neither/either with of…. When you use these words with of, you always need the/these/those/my/your/his, etc. You cannot say, “both of restaurants.” You have to say “both of the restaurants,” “both of these restaurants,” etc.:

  • Both of these restaurants are very good.

  • Neither of the restaurants we went to was (or were) expensive.

    ? We can go to either of those restaurants. I don’t mind.
    With both you can leave out of. So you can say:

    both my parents or both of my parents

    After both of / neither of / either of you can also use us/you/them:

  • Can either of you speak Spanish?

  • I wanted Tom and Ann to come, but neither of them wanted to. You must say: “both of before us/you/them:

  • Both of us were very tired, (not Both us …)

    After neither of… you can use a singular or a plural verb:

  • Neither of the children wants (or want) to go to bed.

  • Neither of us is (or are) married.

    You can say both… and…, neither… nor…, and eitheror …Study these examples:

  • Both Tom and Ann were late.

  • They were both tired and hungry.

  • Neither Tom nor Ann came to the party.

  • He said he would contact me, but he neither wrote nor called.

  • I’m not sure where he is from. He’s either Spanish or Italian.

  • Either you apologize, or I’ll never speak to you again.

    You can also use both/neither/either alone:

  • “Is he British or American?” “Neither. He’s Australian.”

  • “Do you want tea or coffee?” “Either. It doesn’t matter.”

  • I couldn’t decide which one to choose. I liked both.

    For I don’t either and neither do I see Unit 49c.

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