English Exam
Вступительные экзамены по английскому языку.
Письменный экзамен. Образцы заданий с вариантами выполнения

Варианты перевода письменного задания

1) The news gives hope. Who has told / told you that?
2) I am very glad that he has done everything, and we needn't help / don't need to help / them.
3) The Parkers will be travelling / will travel in South America in December, and I don't know if they will be back / have come back by Christmas.
4) Your eyes are red / have grown red. Have you been crying? — Oh, no. Have you ever seen me cry / crying?
5) My elder brother told / has told me not to turn on the microwave if I didn't know / don't know how to do it.

6) He felt somebody touch his shoulder.
7) His house was in the furthest / farthest end of the village. We could hardly find it.
8) He said he would have done it by four o'clock, and nobody would make him do it earlier.
9) It was cold, it was drizzling, there were few people outside. The most unpleasant time of the year had come.
10) I can't imagine what he is doing now. I haven't met him for many years.
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